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Choosing the right fins can be a pain at times. Lucky for you we have come out with a quick fin guide to help you pick the right ones for you.
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Rating: 4.86

  1. Erin Flathers says

    I'm going to be doing my open water dive training in South Africa, which I'm told has some very turbulent waters. I'm really only used to swimming in the water off the coast of British Columbia (CAN), but never diving. Will a certain type of fin help me navigate more churning waters that I'm not quite used to?

  2. FaddaWolf says

    Oh buddy, freedive fins probably need a segment of their own. It gets really intricate

  3. davey jones_2705 says

    the fins i use (salas cancun) are a bit strange they have channels yet they are only one material and have foot pockets so one would assume theyre paddle fins or are they not?

  4. Daniel Weaver says

    Maybe someone here can help me out?
    Several years ago, I watched a free diving video where the diver was wearing a unique type of fin. I think both feet were connected, and it had a wide blade resembling a dolphin's tail; and he swam much like a dolphin would slithering through the water. But I can't find any info about these fins nor this style of diving. Am I just imagining what I saw?

  5. Thankerson logang says

    Best snorkel gear or spear gun and If do one of those videos can I get a shout out and a sub from u

  6. Thankerson logang says

    Simply scuba I have a video idea

  7. senoe says

    iv had split fins for years and i find they require twice as many kicks to move and swimming in currents is harder. wouldnt recomend them for any one except people that get cramps and need less resistance on there down kick

  8. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Another great video!!!

  9. RoboCNC Frees- & Graveerwerk says

    Your reviews sound a bit like a horoscope you basically say the same with all fins….
    I think all your scuba reviews would greatly benefit if you would also tell the downsides of a particular design or feature.
    Thanks for sharing, and hopefully you'll include the negative points in future videos to…

  10. Omaha Bojan says

    Good stuff buddy

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