Best Dive Computers – 2019

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Best Dive Computer – 2019
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In this weeks scuba advice video Mark talks about the best dive computers to look out in 2019.


Cressi Neon

Aqua Lung i300C

Shearwater Perdix

Scubapro G2

Shearwater Teric

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –

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Rating: 4.55

  1. NS Dive Gear says

    Interesting video

  2. African Twin says

    The german HW OSTC

  3. HypnoticAbyss says

    i got the zoop novo instead of the i300c and sacrificed the bluetooth connectivity because i felt the novo was easier to navigate and larger was better for me due to the mucky water i dive in.

  4. Bryan Schnapper says

    Please create a video on the Garmin MK1. Thanks in advance!

  5. Wendy Spolarich says

    what about the Aqualung i770 , been using it a few months now and super user friendly and alot of computer for the price

  6. GuitarPartho says

    Shearwater Perdix AI or Teric. Wish people would stop saying it's more for Tech Divers. It's simply the best for anyone, I bought a Suunto Zoop Novo to begin with while my DM had a Shearwater. I wasted time and money on the Suunto, then I uograded to the Shearwater.

  7. Chris McKenna says

    Cochran EMC-16

  8. Chuck Brown says

    Shearwater Teric! Fantastic computer, just like the Perdix.

  9. 2003SIF says

    Loving my perdix ai so far

  10. Dalan Singson says

    Please do a review on the Garmin MK1. That would be awesome.

  11. Jonnie Bangkok says

    Just get a Suunto Zoop and be done with it!

  12. Marilu Carvallo says

    How about the Garmin Descent MK1? Review please

  13. T J says

    Wireless or hoseless?

  14. Ali ŞENER says

    Ratio ix3m wrist and iDive color wrist computer because;
    very nice display
    double chip running independetd algorihtms and you can switch from one to another during dive
    trimix capability with all gradient factor settings
    weather forecast
    auto gas switch if transmitter used.

    I am very satisfied for now, i have been using them for a month, we will see what happens in near future but it is really overqualified dive computer.

  15. Gonzalo García says

    Hey guys! What about the Cosmiq+. What do you think?

  16. Richard Morse says

    There is no reason not to get a Perdix or Teric as your first and probably last dive computer. Easy to use and understand, virtually no limit to what you can do with it, and the air integration is awesome. Don’t be intimidated. My 13 year old manages it with no problem. It is expensive, but $300 less based on the one you don’t buy only to upgrade later.


    Should have included the mares genius

  18. jimgam730 says

    I have the Scuba Pro G2, bought it last year and it rocks!! It has everything I need in a dive computer and will most likely be the last dive computer I buy.

  19. Yann Da cunha says

    I am waiting so much for the Suunto D5 !

  20. DavidV328 says

    Mmm, I have been using my Perdix AI for 2 solid years now, so not really a new player on the market…
    But you're right about it, probably the last dive computer I'll ever need.
    At the moment I can't imagine any real improvement on it, other than the possibility to resize some readings that come in the summary boxes in the lower part.
    It also has a bluetooth sync option which is really handy.
    Dive computers with LED screens are by far the best option for people who do a lot of nightdives.
    This Perdix AI does 40 under water hours on a AA battery, so 1 AA last a whole diving trip.

  21. In0c3n7 says

    have you ever taken a look at the OSTC (open source tauchcomputer) from heinrichs weikamp?
    I think it's the only diving comuter wich is running on an comlpeatly open sourcs software

  22. Michael Phyland says

    I got the Perdix AI for my first computer, there's no reason not to.

  23. Ricardo montalban says

    These are just adverts for you to sell product. I bet your prices aren’t the best either.

  24. siraj ghazzawi says

    Still waiting on the Garmin MK1 review. I have been using it for a couple of months now. I think it's one of the best dive computers out there with a very user friendly interface.

  25. John Jones says

    Just got my teric earlier this month, and I love it. I borrowed one end of the season last year and was very impressed with its customization, and it's compass accuracy. I bought this to replace my aqualung 750, thankfully the wireless air pressure transmitter that I got for my 750 also works with my new teric. The problems I had with the 750 were short battery life and difficulty reading the screen on a nice sunny day. The teric is easy to read at the surface and at depth, and you don't have to change out the battery, it has a charging station you can sit it on overnight to recharge the battery. It also has a nice watch feature so it can be worn daily as a watch.

  26. BenediktP13 says

    Have you had any experience diving the Teric in cold water with drysuit gloves on? Does it feel good on the wrist even though it's no Bungee mount? Good choice as backup for a Perdix or would the Perdix still be the only option in your opinion?

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