Atomic T3 Regulator Review

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Atomic T3 Regulator
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The Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is all about being the absolute best – The regulator is made from serious high-grade materials that are light, strong, high performing and corrosion resistant. The lengths that Atomic go to in order to achieve such high performance is incredible.

The Atomic T3 extends the impressive two year service period to an unheard of three years or 300 dive interval and the regulators are even covered by a lifetime warranty. The use of such high-grade materials and some clever patents such as the ‘Seat saving orifice’ all help to extend the period between service center visits without affecting the extremely high reliability and performance.

The design changes from the previous T2 models have been scrutinized to shave off as much weight as possible to make the regulators one of the lightest full size, high-performance regulators available. The A-Clamp frame, in particular, has seen huge weight reductions and is no longer a hindrance for traveling divers compared to DIN valves. The first and stage components are precisely machined from solid titanium billet. Even the comfort swivel is made of lightweight titanium rather than coated brass or steel.

The first stage is a high flow and performance balanced piston with an environmental seal to provide full cold water and contamination protection. The sleek and compact first stage is fitted with two high-pressure ports, four low-pressure ports around the circumference of the swiveling turret and a low resistance, high flow low-pressure port on the end of the turret. This is the default port for the primary second stage.

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  1. shelloiluk says

    Best regulators money can buy. Worth every dime for keen divers. Better than Mares etc

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