Which Dive Knife Should I Buy? | Knife Banter Ep. 54

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Zac took a trip down to California to talk to a real expert on dive knives. His name is Luke Immel and boy does he love dive knives. Actually, he loves knives in general. Check out all our dive knives here:

Thumbnail image taken by Luke Immel.

Knives in order of appearance:

Schrade Water Rat:

Fox Knives Tekno:

Spyderco Pacific Salt:

Spycerco Tasman Salt:

Benchmade H20:

Spyderco Fish Hunter:

Hogue EX-F02:

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Rating: 4.84

  1. jatbatman says

    Serrations have their purpose, but on most jobs they're horrible. Diving would be a place where serrations would be handy. If you need to cut free and break to the surface, the serrations will make quick work of the straps.

    Basically what I'm saying is while most of what I do (and have done) requires a straight blade, serrations have their place.

  2. hyonjun says

    That spyderco fish hunter is so sweet. I've already lost a knife diving though so i only go cheap now. Sucks because i love nice knives…

  3. GES280 says

    the h20 appears to be re-continued.

  4. TANK to CHEST says

    Ok turd just put a tiny bottle of water in your truck and take care of your gear.

  5. Ben Phillips says

    I’m pretty surprised you didn’t do any talk about the AquaLung Squeeze series. They’re sort of the standard atleast on the east coast and the Great Lakes.

  6. Eddie says

    Make a knife banter on knifes that patina the best

  7. uomosenzanomo says

    5:20 I once was killing and cleaning fishes with a 5" Muela stainless. Stabbed a carp just like in the vid, but due to the thicker geometry I didnt went all the way through and had to stab it deeper..
    NEVER consider a fish is dead, doubletap it

  8. lbdeuce says

    more like As i Lay DIVING. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. Nick Dannunzio says

    I bought a knife with a hole in the blade once… the exact place it snapped off… need I say more…???

  10. William Carrigan says

    I personally have the jump master 2 in h1 and I really like it. The edge was super thin and the tip of the knife had some chipping on it after some regular use which I was bummed about. Other than that i is a pretty sweet knife and i would recommend it to any diver.

  11. Maineiac fishing says

    I like this topic it's unique dive knives have specific criteria that must be met or there useless

  12. John Keck says

    it would be cool if the hoge's sheath hard Kevlar or some other cut resistant fabric to help prevent accidental stabbing when putting the blade back in the sheath. with the way y'all were talking, it sounds like that is an issue wile diving

  13. TheHumanFlag says

    I’ve heard +13% to be considered stainless steel. This was direct from Spyderco so where did this 10% come from?

  14. Geno Burgess says

    schrade is a no bloody thanks. have not heard of a remote bottle of water lol

  15. bullsharkreef says

    Sadly the 2 best dive knife ever made, the Benchmade 110 and the Spyderco Caspian salt, are discontinued.

  16. Mike J says

    I'd like to see something like that schrade in LC200N

  17. JasonMcFly says

    I spy with my little eye… a green handled Catcherman in Luke's collection! Love the Catcherman I have two, 1 in H1 steel!

  18. vodcc44 6 says

    If you're looking for something different, i recommend the SOG Mini Pentagon.

  19. Sagitarious says

    thumb down…not for the knife just for showing how that fish dies in his/her hand -_-

  20. Hairy Banana says

    Is he stoned ?

  21. Silas says

    kershaw sea hunters and amphibians are so good too, was disappointed they didn't make the video

  22. W.A M.P says

    I'm a commercial diver and you are automatically respected when you bring a Spyderco. I remember the day when my father gave me his.

  23. Carlos Barrera says

    Nice AILD hoodie my dudes!

  24. 4NHK0 says

    titanium will NOT chip, it's lot softer than steel, it will roll instead

  25. Whirlybird says

    You are wrong: they are intended for self defense as well as utility.

  26. Buliwyf says

    I was a commercial diver for 17 years and the only knife I kept on my harness were the Pacific Salts! Always kept 2 in case you lost one. I never had to replace one due to rust or corrosion.

  27. Carmelo Ramos says

    I wish there were some dive clips

  28. Bennett Chodorow says

    Ling Cod are some of the best fish in the world. Like if you agree.

  29. Staunch Industries says

    What a joke… Finally we get to talk about spearfishing knives. We actually use our blades on a daily basis like our lives depend on it. Just keep it super simple and those sheaths.. they are the worst ever! To bulky and complexity impractical. Rob Allen – X Blade Dive knife – Thats all we have to say on this matter.

  30. SuperPussyFinger says

    This guy looks like a sex machine.

  31. RCD566 says

    I've had a cheap serrated lock blade as a backup on my BC for years. The way I got around opening it with gloves on, is to use a zip tie through the top of the thumb hole. The locking tab makes a good thumb stud when you cut off the excess zip tie.

  32. masterlink 123 says

    the french word inoxidable (in short inox) just mean stainless

  33. alanmycheong says

    OCEANIC dive knives

  34. gael pelan says

    I wait this video for so long Thank's You!!! Nice advices to chose my spearfishing knife !

  35. (O_O) says

    Do u need knife if u just snorkel, freedive and find some treasures

  36. Javier Hernandez says

    A great dive knife is a stainless morakniv. Cheap, sharp, long lasting edge, tough, and lasted me an hour underwater without a speck of rust and I washed it off with freshwater then dried it and it's fine.

  37. Renletto says

    i only do titanium knifes. I'm not the best at remembering to wash my knife

  38. Sad Jupiter says

    Titanium works best for scuba if you don't mess around with it on land a nice edge will last years.

  39. cole_dunnachi e says

    Oooooo As I Lay Dying hoodie

  40. Julian Foglietti says

    I feel like the false edge is probably for de-scaling?

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