Dive Knife Guide

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A divers knife is an essential safety tool that a diver carries just in case the need may arise to cut through an entanglement. We have a great range of dive knifes, accessories and tools to suit any budget or need.

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Rating: 4.89

  1. Hostage says

    i like the titanium one

  2. Cihan Kayatürk says

    Titanium amphibianpro

  3. Ronald Ray Torres says

    Wow. So many to choose from. Now I'm more confused!

  4. KabutoRyu says

    why not just use a standard knife? anyways you can't show off your dive knife when you in under water right?
    basically knife is a piece of metal with sharp edge with sharp point isn't?
    why so complicated?

  5. Widget says

    Good that the video shows how to use each part of the knife, what it's for, the features available and the variety of features available. I'd like to see what a titanium knife with a chizel tip would cost.

  6. Meister Kaos says

    420 Blaze It Steel

  7. Salvador Ruiz says

    No effence but you need to edit better at 1:30

  8. Rando Viddos says

    you spelt traditional wrong

  9. Conner Dassen says

    "Pointed tips have a long pointed tip" – Simply Scuba 2017

  10. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Forget this video, get a small victorinox knife and cut the top of it into a blunt tip, these are very sharp knives and only cost 7 euros, also very small. Then get a good stitched webbing sheath. And also get an eezycut trilobite, they are the best sharpest safest line cutters in the world and come with a webbing sheath they will not fall out. Place knives in your waist, thread through harness. This gives you visual and physical access with both hands. Stainless steel does rust, but it is also much better than titanium don't listen to simplyscuba. Titanium is much more expensive than stainless steel and although it will last longer, stainless is much sharper and can last as long as titanium if u take care of it and wash it

  11. Kimon Froussios says

    I got my dive knife as a present a good 15yrs before I even started diving… It's a big traditional one, curved knife edge, pointy tip, serrated back edge, line cutter, solid plastic case. I also have a small version of it which i got for training.
    Neither has been used for anything much other than cutting cheese or spreading butter for my interval snack.

  12. DracariaEntertainment says

    i have never used a dive knife but i know i will need to get one before i start my idc in october

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