Prescription Snorkel Mask (Under $50)

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Did you know there were such things as prescription snorkel masks for diving and snorkeling? I did not either until my dad told me he was not going to be able to snorkel with me very much longer because of his eyesight underwater. That’s when I scrambled for some way to make it right and the thought occurred to me, “Do they make like underwater glasses or prescription snorkel masks?” A quick search on Amazon revealed they do!! I was so happy. I got one for him and presented the mask to him during our next snorkel session and he LOVED it!

That was almost 2 years ago and he still loves the mask.

Here is the link to the mask:

Note: It does fit his narrow face very well. If you have a wide face, this might not work for you.

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  1. Ace Videos says

    I was so worried when my dad told me he would not be able to snorkel with me for very much longer because of his bad eyesight. Then I found this mask! Check it out here:


    you just made my next trip to Maui extra awesome !!! I found the nearsighted ones through the link 😀 THANK YOU !!!

  3. MrBobman1966 says

    i got one from snorkel mart, it was a lil more than $50 but it was worth every penny! i was plucking sharks teeth off the bottom at casperson beach in venice and it was a blast.

  4. Mel Dy says

    wow….good job Ace, your dad looks very happy with his new snorkling mask, very nice of you.

  5. T Series TGAY says


  6. WalkingTurtle Jones says

    I just Love ye ol man!!! Thanks Guys!!!

  7. Mohammad Alai says

    Nice mask

  8. Estevan bautista says

    I like your videos

  9. Bertha Torres says

    I am the first one

  10. Reptile123X GAMER says

    Great mask too

  11. random channel says

    hey ace wussup how u been doin

  12. Axel Plays says


  13. Griffin Thomas says

    Awesome I need one

  14. Jazzy Vasquez says


  15. I’m not vaccinated says


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