Powerfull 200W RedNeck Scuba Torch LED

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in this video i will use 2 100w led chips and drivers.
the power came from an old car battery 12 volts
. i made this scuba torch in 3 days.
i consider this just a prototype.
later wen i will came back in my shop i will make it better.
i put 2 lenses that i scrap from 2 old car lights. so that i can control better the diffusion of the light underwater.
the led with no lens is great for close shooting.
because have a very wide angle beam. than on the left i glue in place the lens that is far from the LED 5 or 6 cm. this gives me a standard light beam. but i can also connect uscing 3 magnets the other lens. this time the lens i 10 cm far from the led chip..
and this create a veri narrow linght beam. like a laser.
so that i can find fish that are very far from me.

Profi 70s by Pierlo

Rating: 4.80

  1. Bernhard Blietz says

    Well this will work for depths of 1-3m, but anything lower than that will definitely break a silicon seal. Rather use a pvc pipe

  2. Com Ander says

    Can the squid bite?

  3. Antony Bronco44 says

    Rulof, dovresti allenare un po la pronuncia, es: "to ste- to secure the…"
    Capito? Ti blocchi spesso…
    Però vai bene! 😀

  4. Daniel Auen says

    Nice video

  5. Frodo Style says


  6. Andy Tipping says

    er ….. car battery underwater? # pollution
    also sea water and car battery is very dangerous! I believe they used to use mustard gas in ww1 and ww2
    salt water and sulphuric acid will create a highly toxic -chlorine gas

  7. Michael Bailey says

    Alarm clocks from the turn of the century… Where am i gonna find those?

  8. Michael Bailey says

    Some stainless steel screws to steel, to fit, to screw, to secure.. Now i am really confused.

  9. Michael Bailey says

    A 100 What? Oh Vhat, a 100 Vhat.. I almost bought a 100 Watt. Fewwww…

  10. aron dj456 says

    sei italiano

  11. Houses Built Tiny says

    You never cease to amaze us

  12. Fishing with Cristina says

    Oh wow that's so cool

  13. Kash Sadiq says

    asdrdsryhfdd. C. "@6'jyhjjgj.

  14. s dixneuf sch says


  15. Boaneash says

    Perché cavolo sei diventato inglese???

  16. The Masters Cousins says

    bella rulof!!!!!!

  17. Brain Will says

    its really powerfull

  18. De_ Order says

    brings angle grinder on holidays


    sei un grande rulof!!

  20. Master Steel says

    comunque vorrei sapere esattamente dove vai in Sardegna, una birra Ce la beviamo, sarebbe un onore per me poterti incontrare

  21. Centeneitor 2000 says

    you can make the pistol of taxi driver film

  22. Sage Fielder says

    I love your Videos SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  23. Vật Lí Định Luật says

    really it very good

  24. Herman S says

    I cringed when you grabbed the octopus. That shit gives me nightmares XD

  25. NoVaKane says

    no tool…. hmm

  26. phlm93 says

    You're crazy cuz

  27. Jonathan Tice says


  28. DiyEcoProjects says

    Wow thats realy cool… dont you ever get scared of being in the sea?

  29. Blake says

    could you make a homemade pool heater?

  30. Tin G says

    where is he from?

  31. EA Jam says

    finally a video . where have you been .

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