How To Learn Skin Diving

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Watch How To Learn Skin Diving from the leading how to video provider. This tutorial will give you useful instructions to ensure you get good at watersports.

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Rating: 4.63

  1. falconmoud says

    hyperventilation and diving alone
    these two are a recipe for death

  2. anderson boy says

    I like the mak clearing technique!

  3. gonzalo060375 says

    This gentleman is trying to help beginners and that's great, but that advice on hyperventilating is dangerous.
    2/3 of oxygen are dissolved in blood, 1/3 in the lungs. The brain uses the O2 from blood, and it takes a while for O2 to pass from air to the blood stream. This is why a diver with hypoxia can pass out up to 2 minutes after surfacing and breathing.
    The point is not to flush out CO2 and disable the breathing reflex, but to stock up on O2 by breathing slow and deep for a few minutes before the dive. 3 breaths won't make a change in the O2 available to the brain.
    This is a very informative video that explains the technique in a clear and professional way. Congratulations and keep the good work.

  4. DarkSagan says

    Okay we get it….dont hyperventilate. Every other comment.

  5. Stonedude123 says

    So to make sure, you don't drop your lead weight or anything? You just swim up then grab a lung of air (maybe do the hyperventilate) then go back?

  6. Wilmarie Irizarry says

    number 4 can get u killed

  7. Fadi Azrai says

    step 1: have buddy with you in every single underwater activity.
    step 2: never ever hyperventilate that just will put yourself more on danger.
    step 3 : don't lesson to stupid people.
    (diving = dying)

  8. CardShark Z says

    Step 9: GET A BUDDY!!

  9. Finlay kyne says

    Is this Gibraltar

  10. Stefan Bahanov says

    I'm not a pro but i think that hyper ventilation is wrong.The body thinks that there is no need of oxygen while actually it needs.This can cause pass out!!!Correct me if i'm wrong 😉

  11. Jomarc Bernardo says

    the instructor in this vid is a kook

  12. Steroid Supraz says

    Hyperventilate = good way to get blackout, for what 10 seconds more underwater…

  13. Nicolette Gonzalez says

    How many mm is that wetsuit?

  14. Zachary Young says


  15. Tyler is Hyper says

    Hyperventilate stupid and dangerous don't do it. Instead do a breath up much better on your body and your confidence level.

  16. Allan Ochoa says

    0:28 cuddle fish 😀

  17. Peter Chikov says

    This has been said before but I must repeat it: Never skin dive alone! You could black out for multiple reasons(even if you are an expert) and drown.

  18. TheFergie23 says

    no do a breath up instead

  19. Mukesh Rana says

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  20. Sauce says

    I tried hyperventilating and i almost DROWNED! NEVER GONNA TRY AGAIN!

  21. kk Rad says

    Is a hood and a wetsuit crucial, because I snorkel in the North Ocean in Norfolk, UK, and the waters get quite cold, but I usually get used to the temperature. Without those 2 pieces of equipment, would I get any injury?

  22. Gabriel Tudoran says

    That is true! NEVER, under any circumstances, HYPERVENTILATE! Calm down before a dive, relax and breathe. Also, never (at least not if you are a beginner) take a breath over you lungs medium-high capacity you will find this disturbing under water. And… NEVER DIVER ALONE!

  23. Steve Block says

    He was just giving tips he never said that guy was alone

  24. Mr. Morrowind says

    He wasn't alone.

  25. Boğaç Özşen says

    Hiçbişey bilmiyosun bide ders vermişsin seni dinleyen bu işi hemen bırakır bırakmazsa senkop olur. Bu videonun yasaklanması gerekir.

  26. Tyler Myers says

    This guy is a complete moron, he has no idea what the hell he is doing. I work at a dive shop and I just saw someone have a fatal SWB from hyperventilating

  27. crankatorium says

    Ey, first thing first, don't freedive alone, second, NEVER hyperventilate. it might make you stay longer underwater but your chance of shallow water blackout increases exponentially.

  28. crankatorium says

    2:48 This is a potentially fatal accident waiting to happen. Hyperventilating will lower co2 level in lungs but will be so low that you will blackout before feeling the urge to breathe. Please redo the video and get rid of that part.

  29. Rioxka says

    NEVER HYPERVENTILATE. You could black out underwater and DIE due to the lack of CO2 to give you the urge to resurface for air, and your body is unable to recognize that you are low on oxygen. It is not the lack of O2 that makes you want to breathe, it is the lack of CO2. You should breathe in deeply and calmly for around 2 minutes and lower your heart rate, and fill your bloodstream with O2, then only one deep exhale to purge CO2, with one deep breath from the diaphragm. Dive. Do this instead.

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