Garmin Descent MK1: How it works (in a crazy dive spot)

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Here’s everything you need to know about the new Garmin Descent MK1 dive watch. Or, alternatively, a bunch of really fun videos about the NEMO33 indoor dive facility. I walk through the watch and how a standard dive works (it includes gauge, single-gas, multi-gas, apnea/freediving modes, as well as the ability to plan a dive).

GoPro Hero6 Black:


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Rating: 4.72

  1. Mike says

    great video

  2. Duty holiday MV says

    If you make single dive mode does it still give you no decompression time?

  3. shinzui martin says

    Very useful review. Smart comments

  4. guayaco says

    He sound like he's talking underwater.

  5. zadoww says

    i'd be sitting on the bottom of the reef playing with this thing if i got one lol.

  6. Kim Jung-un THE DEAR LEADER says

    I use this on my girlfriend.

  7. Daniel Kwon says

    Does this have a topomaps feature like the fenix models?

  8. Mark Vernon says

    I have the Titanium and I love it. Well done Garmin….

  9. friggincanvee says

    so hard to follow with the watch shaking around with your one handed control :/

  10. 96svizzero says

    What, you are saying that I can use this Garmin to go climbing and diving as well? It could be a substitute​ for my Garmin Fenix 3 and my dive watch Suunto Zoop!

  11. Bill Keen says

    I will take my citizens aqua land pro master watch over this

  12. Skyfox94 says

    If it wasn't for the fact that i just bought a cheaper watch a year ago and that this one costs a grand in the normal configuration i'd be totally getting it. Maybe in a year or two when my current watch isn't holding quite up anymore.

  13. Guillaume Becker says

    Just missing wireless air integration and it will be perfect :/ maybe in the mk2?

  14. Remus Moise says

    Hello there,
    I actually have the Fenix 3 HR and I´m using it for swimming polls session. Can you tell me if there is an app for diving(apnea) in the pool. It´s just a normal pool of 25 m long, 3 meters deep but the "pool swim" app for my Garmin dosn´t measure the distance, probably because I´m not using styles(butterfly, croll etc) I´m just crossing the pool for A-T underwater.

    Best all and sorry for my bad english.

  15. MW says

    I want it!! But need to save money…hm….maybe 7 years from now I can be a happy owner;) (over 1000USD)

  16. 楊Yang says


  17. Ryder E says

    g shock frogman.

  18. GSNO says

    With the new fenix 5 plus line coming out, do you think they will make an updated version of the Descent to include some of the features that the 5 plus offers (music storage, pulse ox)?

  19. TrueProGamer says

    Imagine a watch that somehow reads how much oxygen you have in your blood and it tells you how much longer you should stay down before coming back up

  20. Noosamike says

    What – no air integration – at this price Oceanic, Suunto, Scubapro and Aqualung (and various others) all offer air integration. If you are serious about diving get a dedicated computer from a recognized dive equipment manufacturer. It's still a nice gimmick for those looking for the swiss army knife of fitness watches but I'll stick to my Oceanic dive computer.

  21. Bill Latibay says

    Does the software updates?

  22. Abe Glazer says

    another great idea from Garmin…Compared to other stuff it appears to be priced correctly.

  23. Gamla123 says

    Great video. Thank you!

    I've been waiting for something like this for a few years now and have been resisting the temptation to replace my old Suunto fully expecting that someone will come out with a real smart watch that's also a dive computer. This is so much more.

    Sure the price point is steep, but when you consider the fact that I was ready to buy two devices, one for diving and another for everything else, it's a bargain.

    I have another few months before my next diving vacation. So I'll do some more research, but as of right now , it's a clear front runner.

  24. Joseph Lim says

    Does the dive mode automatically activate once you submerge underwater or you need to set to dive mode first then the timer will start once u reach 1.2m?

  25. Hugo Lopez says

    How does this compare to the rolex submariner?

  26. Ken Hills says

    Great device but does not appear to be able to use the large Top maps the the 5x does. I have the UK 1:50k on my 5x but this will not install on the Descent.

  27. Pierre Garland II says

    Great review

  28. Mahmoud Elshamy says

    Can you make updates for the software and add wireless air transmitter integrated for this watch

  29. Jay S says

    Does it have any attachment for giving tank pressure ?

  30. Mahmoud Elshamy says

    Can you make updates for the software and add wireless air transmitter integrated for this watch ⌚

  31. Pantelis Orphanides says

    This is crap…Suunto is the king in diving computers

  32. Steffen H. says

    If you dont want to spend $1,499.99 for the premium version, i recommend buying fenix 5 sapphire with IQ Dive App (also uses known algorithms for diving) for twenty bugs… it works and is half as expensive.

  33. nyhctrip says

    how did you actually get this ? it is not yet on the market .

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