1. Igor Shingelevich says

    Hi! what is the difference between Mares Flexitherm Semi-Dry Suit and Scubapro Nova Scotia 7.5mm Mens Semi Dry Wetsuit? on your opinion. Is it comfortable to wear semi dry s. in warm water?

  2. Marta Borowska says

    Hi, I just bought one and I am wondering how much "dry" is there in the Mares semidry suit. How much water does get into? A cup? A can? A bucket?
    Mine seems to let the entire lake in despite rolling in the seals. As it has been measured in a professiobal dive shop it can't be the size. 🙁

  3. DracariaEntertainment says

    hahaha that fish that swam up to you was awesome!

  4. Rabih Sfeir says

    thank you fro the videos. Which is your favorite? the Nova scotia 7.5 or this one?

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