First time testing a new full-face easybreath snorkeling mask underwater winter time / review.

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You can buy this mask here:
The full-face easybreath snorkeling mask was made by NEOpine –

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Rating: 4.73

  1. beez. says

    Thank you very good review…

  2. THE OUTSIDER says


  3. LOFT Brad says

    Really? you get mixed CO2 which is a slow death, can't pinch your nose when needed, limited vision, hard to dive down with so much air in it… I think the only good point is that it protects his face from the cold. Otherwise, I'd say spend the money and get the best fresh air snorkel on the market:

  4. Fabrizio Bueno says

    Yo ya compre la mia, y estoy esperando su llegada. Tengo mucha espectativa con ella. Veremos que pasa!

  5. Krazy Blue Master Gaming says

    Chao Serbians ja imem 8 godena


    You KNOW it will work in cold water when it's tested by a true Russian. They, like us in Minnesota, know what cold is.

  7. Johnny winner says

    Спик фром май хайрд

  8. El Papirey Fre fire y mas says

    Hechale salibita paphu para que no se empañe

  9. Mich S says

    why this snorkel pipe is so short? longer could be better against small waves.Any explanation ? something with phisique ?or just for compact size? to fold it down better…I don't exactly remember but I thing I had much longer snorkel pipe and no problem with breathing at all.

  10. the motor valley says

    Chinese copycats of the tribord easybreath from decathlon

  11. Special Pear Channel says

    Perfect language! (:

  12. Olena Korkos says

    Ruskie 100%

  13. larsmonsen88 says

    This mask has been linked to several deaths in hawaii and other vacation spots americans like to go to(as this mask is sold mostly in US). Dont buy it.

  14. Tunie From the full moon says

    Ya face is chapped sauor as fu?k…

  15. DZ Yanisss says


  16. maxen 100#2 says

    I have this one

  17. Miera Michael says

    I find a better snorkel mask 50%off with coupon code 【KZUHY4F6】

  18. Va Chang says

    I have that snorkel mask

  19. Nocap Krieger says

    Haven't you heard that those things aren't safe

  20. Night Lemon says

    Here is how it looks like…

  21. bun bon says

    It actually look weird wearing up. But it's convenient.

  22. Mari Marsell says

    Of course through the snorkel but what happens if the snorkel is under water too??? Can I dive for 10-15 seconds and breath normally?

  23. Mari Marsell says

    Can you breath under the water????

  24. Sa1cin says

    What happen if you get the snorkel under water?

  25. Chasity Riley says

    Did it come with the GoPro????

  26. Nikoli Furduy says

    Ужасный английский ! Лучше бы уже по русски говорил.
    Кому надо поймут.
    Тоже мне ,Америку открыл.

  27. Apache Warrior says

    I saw a news report of a lady who died because she used this mask

  28. D.A. Arthur says

    It works good till you have to breathe deep. Diving with it and holding your breath was in till I surfaced and needed to take a deep breath. I just couldn't get enough air and had to rip the mask off. I tried several other times and tried to stay calm and let it work no but I just couldn't get enough air after a long time underwater. Using it for just floating around is great.

  29. Bravo Beast says

    Could you go completely imurged under water with it on

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