Breaking down single-payer health care

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With support growing for universal health coverage, just what does “single-payer” mean? Here’s a deep-dive into what a single-payer health-care system would look like, and the arguments for and against it. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Quinton Rutgers says

    You can have both private and government funded public healthcare operate at the same time. We have it here in Australia. Works well everyone gets looks after. Its way cheaper than USA.

  2. Darren Fonzseau says

    Would America's Injured Workers lose out on 2/3rds of our Grand Bargain? Would Injured Workers be COST SHIFTED for medical care while losing out on time loss and Vocational services?

  3. Darren Fonzseau says

    OUR Journalist need to ask what would Medicare FOR ALL mean for America's Injured Worker class?

  4. Thunwarat boujoom says

    If we ever have Single Payer, the VA would go out of business.
    Saw a study that single payer would cost over 32 trillion. How much does it cost for medical insurance to cover ONLY 20 % now. Single payer would not be free .

  5. dragonhold4 says

    [Question] Without relying on competition, how will the government ensure that quality of medical services and technology continue to rise?

  6. Zachary Moskovits says

    Universal healthcare would be an disaster. It would cast the united states over 3 trillion a year to pay for. Thats more than 4 times what we spend on the military. Also, in places were this is implemented, beuracracys make desicions of care is necessary. In London were single payer is implemented, back and knee braces, MRI scans and even cancer treatments are limited. And if you cant get the treatment, you might just live with the pain.

  7. Harry Chu says

    Medicare for all means doctor, nurses, and administrative staff will have their pay significantly cut. In Scadinavia, the average pay of a doctor is $45,000 USD.

  8. Timothy Early says

    Sooner or later, one of our Democratic Presidential Candidates, will promise to-turn-back-on Obama Care and win the election. Obama Care is still the law of the land. Trump is just not releasing the funds. There should be no tax increases because America will push the cost to future generations. The insurance companies should like this because it does not put the insurance companies out of business like Medicare For All.

  9. Infidel Heretic says

    As it turns out sick and injured people aren’t so good at negotiating prices on their own.

    If the government gave contracts to whichever company can provide a medication at the lowest price that gives those companies a powerful incentive to be competitive.

  10. dave m says

    Put it this way, do you see any of our elderly complain about how bad medicare is? I rest my case.

  11. curtis jones says

    The problem with a medicare for all system seems like it would not pay for everything like the medicare program that we have now, am i correct?

  12. Benghazi gaming says

    no brainer, it costs less than the current system even by koch brother right wing studies.

    americans shouldn’t go bankrupt or die from preventable disease. they’re supposed to be living in the richest country on the planet.

  13. Toucan Sam says

    American health care costs are going up because Americans don't watch what they eat. I see obese people everywhere! Also, Name one government agency in the U.S. that is good at controlling costs- Please tell me.

  14. tucker12435 says

    I just talked about my health condition two weeks ago and I got so many Americans thinking I was being sarcastic. I just want to say I am healthy as a horse again. Then the American insulted me for my accent Despite me speaking proper north American English, although People say I apologize way too much LOL

  15. David Motyka says

    Health insurance is a private decision for each individual.

  16. Dante monterey says

    I like the concept…I don't think the government has the proficiency to implement it

  17. Thoth Science says

    So who pays for this? I pay for my insurance my health insurance perhaps grow up and buy it! Democrats = Huge government higher taxes grow up!

  18. tucker12435 says

    i live in toronto and I was snowmobiling last weekend and I got frostbite. I woke up Monday morning looking like a zombie. I went to the walk-in clinic to check my face and make sure there is no permanent damage. I ended up waiting two hours but the doctor told me that there was no damage and my face should be normal in a week or two. I am so thankful for our healthcare system because in the United States I would just ignore it to save the fee.

  19. Kilpatrick Kirksimmons says

    I used to be vaguely opposed to single payer, but it seems the only real opposition to it is ideological and somewhat simplistic ("Big gov't bad"). On practical and empirical grounds I really can't find any fault with the general premise, and the details could surely be worked out.

  20. Emperor Yongle says

    I feel like everyone just ignored the quality of the us healthcare while complaining about the pricing. The US health care is expensive because we only let the best of the best to become doctors. We have the best quality of healthcare in the world. I have a aunt who used to be a anesthesiologist in Canada and she said she has to be responsible for 24 patient who is hospitalised and in recovery. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want bad quality of our healthcare system.

  21. Robert Greenhouse says

    Competing? LOL

  22. nickovify says

    Hmm wonder if this gave a fair play on both sides of the debate…?

  23. Peter Viglietta says

    Absolutely terrible video. Single payer would not bring pharmeceutical companies and hospitals into one system. It would only affect payers. The part about negotiation of health care costs (i think you were getting at pharma prices????) was irrelevant to the topic of single payer. This did nothing to elucidate the issues thay are at the crux of the debate over healthcare reform.

  24. Sugar Cane says

    Single payer seems the better of the two since 28 million US citizens don't have healthcare and the paying individual always have to make up the lost revenue through increases of private health care insurance premiums, prescription medicines, all the fees associated with a doctor visit and other costs. Single payer is the way to go.

  25. The Home Plate Special says

    lose the annoying "music"

  26. Zaidaan Shibuya says

    I don't understand why we, the American People, can't have the same health insurance plans Congress has as we are already paying for them. So, we pay the most expensive health insurance costs and health care cost, and we pay for Congress's health insurance and health care costs…yep, that's some weapons grade BS, but the America People keep voting these assholes into office…

  27. jealva says

    More government intervention in healthcare will lead to a horrible Medicaid insurance coverage system for most and VIP healthcare for the top 1-5% who can afford it. Don’t kid yourselves, having insurance doesn’t mean you get healthcare services, it jus means you get an insurance card.

  28. F B says

    In the U.K. and Canada, government-run systems ration care—resulting in delays and denials of service.

  29. Mr. Louis says

    Less weapons and more heath care! Less foreign aid and more heath care!

  30. Jame Jameson says

    You cant compete for business choice when you are literally hostage to their services

  31. Terry Turner says

    How can I get a job on one of those single payer death panels?? I'll double that income by taking kick backs…good health for all? Nope.
    Super high taxes and corruption? That's the ticket!

  32. Matthew Nelson says

    Why should I have to pay for some else's problems? Why should they have to pay for mine? If a smoker or heavy drinker get cancer through their poor decisions under a universal system everyone has to pay. The problem could be that most of us do have insurance, even doctors do not know the cost of procedures and medicare has been a financial disaster with both parties failing to provide adequate solutions. If both parties cannot even manage a simple budget what makes people think it can manage healthcare effectively?

  33. GroundPoundMedia says

    How much does this cost the tax payer per year?

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