1. TUKANG NONTON youtobe says

    Bang perahu nya bisa di beli?

  2. fox no more bro says

    Thx I found it because of u 😀

  3. Jesse Bishop says

    Can you keep it?

  4. Sarah m The fam says

    im on xbox 360

  5. Sarah m The fam says

    i went th ere exactly in the right place theres not a boat

  6. Lycans_are_back says

    The ones who can’t find it are dumb

  7. Loot llama’s says

    Look at my channel

  8. Hemmy says


  9. Jesus Aguila says

    I didn't fine a boat

  10. Trumprican says

    Who said Donald Trump becoming President is bad luck??

  11. Hidden Secrets says


  12. Actional Xylope says

    first buy that boat. . I did n it work

  13. jovan itzab says

    i just wanted to see how wizzite was back in the day

  14. Aly El Gendy says

    It's really nice

  15. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Awesome video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  16. nick price says

    iam at this place and theres no boat

  17. Alecia Correa says

    wondering if it only works for un patched version or only available after a certain mission

  18. Oyuncular Oyunda says

    where is the palette

  19. stophateing says

    this dosent work on mine ps4

  20. Macauley Haines says


  21. Krenx says

    like : you get girlfriends
    comment : 10 years of luck
    ignore : Donald Trump becomes president

  22. Camblar Kays says

    I can't find the boat

  23. Kame says

    it didnt work 4 me!

  24. Zahid Khan says

    it didn't work q

  25. Carol Parker says

    it did not work

  26. licking lizard says

    you fucker quit youtube it is not thare

  27. Noel, Sr. Punu says


  28. darren grover says


  29. Perviz Eliyev says

    Thank you. Its working!

  30. David Gonzalez says

    this shit isnt here wat the fuck this bitch wasted my time fagot

  31. Thiren Sriskantharajah says

    exactly what i needed.

  32. gershon segre says

    thx bruh

  33. Pierre Roy says

    Thank's man real cool 🙂

  34. Ty M says

    did int

  35. Alex Ramos says

    U suck man no help,

  36. Baked TF says

    Does it work online?

  37. Dylan Howarth says

    pls help boat not there for me

  38. UK man loves goddesses says

    You can buy a property that gives you this boat.
    I need this video to work for me because I can't buy the property.
    I can't buy the property because I need to save up every single penny.
    I need to save money because I need to buy shares before the hotel assassination.
    I need to buy these shares because the value of the shares will skyrocket after the assassination, and when I sell them I'll make a big profit which I can then re-invest in a similar way for later missions, thus creating even more profit.
    I need the scuba diving gear because one of the hidden packages is too deep for my 100% lung capacity character to reach, without a substantial risk of drowning.
    I need to get the 12 hidden packages because each one has money inside ($7k to $25k).

  39. Heather Hughes says

    Does it work with any character

  40. DIABLO Gaming says


  41. Brandon Lee says

    How do you, get it online?

  42. Tim Carter says

    No dive gear came on when I went here

  43. Bo Buchanan says

    It did not wark

  44. Viper says

    can we get 50 likes .. gets 1128 likes 😀

  45. TRPWiz says

    Thanks.  I tried other guides, and they're so damn vague.  Nice to see someone actually show it properly.

  46. M e m o r i - P says

    Can it be on multiplayer?

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