Scubapro Mens Definition 5MM Wetsuit Review

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Scubapro Mens Definition 5MM Wetsuit Review
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The Scubapro Definition Mens 5mm Wetsuit is a warm steamer made from environmentally friendly X-Foam Neoprene. X-Foam is warm, flexible and complies to strict PAH tests making it hypoallergenic. Large Tailored Panels with minimal stitching make the Definition flexible and a snug fit for less water inside the suit making it warmer.

The Definition 5mm is a great all-rounder suit. Good for scuba diving in the UK in the summertime and Egypt in the colder winter months. If you want to dive colder wear a shorty over the top or a base layer underneath.


Definition 5MM

Presented By: Mark Newman
Written By: Mark Newman
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.82

  1. Alan Byland says

    im thinking of getting a 5mm as my first wetsuit, am i right in thinking if i go to places with warmer waters and i get too hot, i can just keep flushing the wetsuit?

  2. Nuno Cruz says

    Noob question, why not make zipper in front, instead of the back? Merry Christmas

  3. Stuart Miles says

    So does this replace the Everflex?

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