Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer Review

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The Suunto D4i Novo builds on the hugely popular D4i recreational dive computer with a new cosmetic update featuring new colours, silicone strap and colour matched body to make it one of the best looking dive computers available.

The Suunto D4i Novo has all the features of the original D4i including Air, Nitrox, Free diving and gauge modes, partial dot matrix display, back lit screen, optional wireless air integration and pc/mac interface via the supplied USB interface cable.

Rating: 4.67

  1. Berkay Akpınar says

    Is d4i still ok in 2019 or I should buy d4i novo ? I'm a beginner and i've got 10 dive . If i buy d4i novo i have to push my economic limits . D4i novo worth to extra money or I should buy d4i ?

  2. carlos rosas says

    how can i stop the surface time counter?, i dive since 4 days ago and the surface counter still working… please help

  3. On3D says

    Hi there, there is no Gauge mode in d4i novo?

  4. mohammad_q7 says

    I could not find any way to swipe between nitrx mode and air mode
    any help plz

  5. Eugene Hernandez says

    Hi, excellent video. I've been searching for some help on how to properly attach the USB cable to the computer but this is available on the manual nor online. Would you know how this goes? Thanks in advance.

  6. blacker223 says

    I feel embarrassing to say this, but do you mind put in subtitle in your video?
    It's completely not your problem, it's just… English is not my primary language 😛

    btw, great review, very detailed. Keep it going !

  7. Olivia Marshall says

    Hi there – I can no longer access Dive Mode – only 'free' and 'off'. When i dive it automatically logs my dives but i cant manage to figure out how to get 'dive air' mode back on as i need to connect my new transmitter….. may be an easy fix but cant for the life of me figure out what to do! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

  8. Chris Cho says

    Thanks for nice video. A question. How can I turn off wireless?

  9. Johnsick says

    Someone can tell me about how to switch on the light on surface or  outside the water? 

  10. Murat Demirağ says

    It is very good to hear such a re-design from a company like Suunto. Suunto D4i is a helpful and easy-to-use dive computer especially for beginners. 

    Now with colors and soft silicone strap, Suunto D4i Novo is better and cooler!

    I wanted to share some pros and cons about the Suunto D4i (not Novo), because Novo is exactly the same in function. 


    * Very light (can be used in daily life, too)
    *Wireless transmitter option
    *Included free dive and Nitrox mode 


    *Doesn't have a navigation mode (like a digital compass)
    *Display is a little bit of small
    *Costs more than the alternatives 

    Thank you for this helpful video.

    You can read my Suunto D4i Novo full review from the link below:

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