1. Microsoft Windows XP says

    *someone cuts my air hose with scissors*

  2. Michael Hogue says

    the histaria when a shark bites the floaty or the cord though

  3. JC Porquirino says

    Where can i get that flexible hose

  4. Pedro Martinez says

    I know this is an old video but hopefully someone can help me with a question. I'm not a diver nor have any knowledge on the subject whatsoever but I need to submerge myself in about 10 feet or less of water to vac um the river bottom for gold. I have access to one of this machine that is gasoline operated got it from someone that was a diver. Can I get some tips if this is a good idea or maybe how to use it correctly. I though of getting PADI certified but in Costa Rica is extremely expensive, about $2000, any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Semper Fi

  5. Dave M says

    Very irresponsible advertising. Make it sound like just pop that on and dive. Need to get basic dive training before use for your own safety.

    Be great for a boat owner to do hull cleaning.

  6. germanylicious says

    Why do you need pressurized air and cant just take in real air?

  7. Aviator168 says

    I thought decompression starts at 30ft. I would use this for less than 20ft. What is the price?

  8. MASTER JEE says

    Gejet name pls

  9. 푸푸씽 says

    와 이런거 생각하고있었는데 헐 있다니

  10. Janan Khlif says

    where can I find this air buddy or buy online?

  11. Loïc Dallaire says

    thats suicide, this shouldnt be aloud to be sold, except if u wana die ofc

  12. Gita Wardhana says

    has to bring spare tank for safety stop if compressor breakdown stop

  13. Bruhaf Sjdg says

    Fuck to late my idea taken

  14. Mehmed Karaman says


  15. maverickdallas100 says

    There was a device like this made by Outboard Marine Corporation in about the late 1960's or early 1970's. I think it ran on the same fuel mix as an outboard motor.

  16. Almir Beloli says

    Olá, onde eu compro isso, almirbeloli@gmail.com

  17. Renew Crew says

    I’m going to make one easy enough

  18. Michael Exman says

    A great way to get bent

  19. DRONE JOURNEY says

    and if it goes wrong your dead

  20. joseph gonzalez says

    If I only go 15’ at the deepest, should I be ok with this health wise?

  21. 2fast4you2 says

    I rather use my THIRD LUNG gasoline operated. I dont want to be limited by a battery. This has been around since the 60's, now they are trying to make it look like they just came up with it. Now They just came up with battery operated wich will be a no for me. FAAAAAAAAAAIL

  22. Peter Samoa says

    A good way to make suicide and get on the Darwin adwords

  23. Curious Cannabis Connoisseur says

    As far as I know compressed air is dangerous are you trying to kill people?

  24. Denis Drabovsky says

    Где купить такое ?

  25. navalcomand1981 says

    Does it come with a woman as well ? Just asking

  26. Rene Flores says

    Interested , email; rene20flores@gmail.com

  27. forfar4fife5 says

    This should only be used by trained divers, one of the biggest dangers for novice divers is Pulmonary Barotrauma which is a big risk in shallow water. Three meters of water is enough to be a risk.

  28. Reddirt83 says

    I only watched it because she is hot…

  29. justjohnny05 says

    does it have a cover of the air intake in case you are trying to repair the bottom of your small yacht in rough seas? Or i guess could just keep on board in a covered area?

  30. Mikey Mikey says

    who delete my comment yesterday. May you be cursed!

  31. autistic says

    I woundlt feel comfterbel when I have to breath from a long straw that can get stuck anywhere. Like it when my only change of survival is close to me

  32. john U.S. says

    And it blows from direct sun light, u die too.

  33. Arnold Stollar says

    Hookah is nice, but must be clean,free of pollution going in.It doesn’t work for deep dives.Those require a 50 lb. Scuba tank ,with regulator,backpack,weight belt, buoyancy compensator vest,flippers,snorkel, wet suit,mask..The rechargeable battery with mini-compressor need constant maintenance,unavailable.

  34. Faustino Lopez says

    Sna meron nito sa pinas para mka bili ako.

  35. OBHSfolk says

    This could be good in a place like Bonaire where alot of diving is from shore. Might also be good for photgraphers who want to kinda stay in place in the shallows (40 ft is SHALLOW). FOrget it for wreck diving (my favorite) or any other place with swim throughs

  36. Michael Walton says

    I don't get why everyone hates this so much. Its cheap and its cool!!

    Maybe everything isn't perfect with it, but keep in mind that its the first of its kind and it will get better over time.

  37. Avishek Das says

    Imagine sudden power low… Oxygen off… Diver off.. off to heven… Its only human effort that wins at end… Only lazy people can give excuses like…heavy.. time…

  38. Rey Pascual says

    For D.I.Y. Just use battery operated aquarium pump with long hose and strap it to tyre inner tubes.


    i want to buy

  40. Out Force says

    Sub here for some good outdoor stuff

  41. diver0129 says

    The biggest danger of something like this is when it stops on an untrained person and they hold their breath while ascending, causing pulmonary baro-trauma. If you think that sounds fun, google pneumothorax.

    Btw, the greatest pressure difference is in the first atmosphere (33 feet).

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