How To Use A Mask And Snorkel For Free Diving

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Learn the basics of how to use a mask and snorkel for free diving and searching for RIVER TREASURE! This is the equipment and techniques that I use every day. Here are Amazon affiliate links to the mask/snorkel combo and camera that I use:
Cressi Diving Mask
Olympus TG 4

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  1. Carson Vogt says

    Your fat move your face

  2. WarCrii says

    Cool vid. Thanks Chinese Niqqer

  3. Cam says

    Snorkeling in Australia

  4. Dunning–Kruger says

    Haha Trailer Park Boys reference.. I assume you're Canadian?

  5. Kavan K says

    Hello strange Trevor from gta5

  6. ba kheg says

    master sharp man, thank alot

  7. alex luka says

    i was wondering hwo to stop the goggle pressing againts my face why i go deeper, 8-10 feet my goggles press really hard against my face could it be my cheap goggles and either way can i fix that issue?

  8. abcd says

    liked and subscribed 🙂

  9. Jaycob Lau says

    Doesn't water goes into your mouth? It will feel discomfort right?

  10. Quagmire88 says

    Any tips on training yourself to breathe through your mouth only? In other words, how do you fight that natural instinct to breathe through your nose when wearing the mask?

  11. KMichelle Argus says

    Tell the lady to consider a swim cap

  12. Tom Casarella says

    I like finding stuff in rivers but i have also lost two mask/snorkels and my Gerber Blackie Collins kayak/ back up dive knife in the Housatonic river.

  13. MADAdventures says

    Nice tips chig!!

  14. Jael Jade says

    Silicone is much better than rubber or PVC. It will last for yrs while the other's crack or harden. There's actually a tube of waxy stuff you can buy instead of using Vaseline. Vaseline isn't good for silicone.

  15. RJS_LOL says

    DALLMYD uses toothpaste

  16. monique baby says

    I have that action camera too, how did you attach it to the mask??? Is that mask has some kind of attachment piece on the top?

  17. jarell smith says

    How do I prevent forehead pain while wearing my mask?

  18. Al says

    U only have to use toothpaste when u first get em n a flame does a good job to

  19. Indian at your service says

    When you go under water dosent water just go into the tube

  20. Vezperado says

    Could you toss up a link about the mask mount for your gopro as well please? Want to buy the mask and the mount together.

  21. Ben Lee says

    So how does it seal when you have facial hair? Mine constantly leaks and fogs. $50 mask too… I've tried everything, burning the silicone off, toothpaste, clean shaving, not having it on tight, I spit in it before every dive. ????……

  22. NewReef says

    Is that mask prescription? I wear glasses so I need prescription glasses

  23. Ora Wheeler says

    Aw, this was a very nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to make a very good video but what can I say I procrastinate alot and not at all seem to get one thing done.

  24. Ali Almazawi says

    so is the plastic plug underneath the tube necessary ? when I bought my snorkel I threw it away :/

  25. MongarLOL says

    Can you give me some iphone

  26. JerkysBoy says

    Hey AC I wanted to just give you a shout out. Your river treasure vids have really inspired my son. We watch most of your vids together. We went out just for fun, spontaneously purchased some masks with snorkels from Benny's. I'll admit I know they're poor quality. But we used them anyway. Every day on our last vacation. I used mine mainly to retrieve a $10 spinner lure I had lost on a log one morning before anyone woke up. Catching turtles. I even found another lure that I replaced the hooks on.
    You're a good guy brotha. Thanks for giving my kid something appropriate and inspiring to watch when he gets lost in YouTube land. Cuz god knows he sure does. But it's fine with me as long as he keeps finding fun things he wants to do, because I really enjoy my time with him. Next summer I'll invest in some quality gear and we are going to do it right.

  27. Anbo says


  28. Marquise Ackah says

    Is it just me or does he look like the flashes dad

  29. Sheep Entertainment says

    what about a full face mask?

  30. Bob Bobby says

    "makes my haters made and its always nice to make my haters made"
    1. how can people hate you!
    2. lmao

  31. Hirozen Sarutobi says

    Can u breath using snorkel why you are in deep in water? Or u will just hold your breath?

  32. Quinn Opiola says

    What is the GoPro attachment

  33. noctanol says


  34. hifdibd8on hihd5uhr5uhr says

    can i use it down in water

  35. Brecken Keoraj says

    Can you breath underwater with the mask

  36. Paul H Ford says

    How do you that camera on your mask or you want to scammers

  37. Ahgii says

    For defogging my personal way of doing it is thouroughly washing ONLY the glass of the mask with detergent, then do the same thing with toothpaste, thoroughly clean the glass. And so u dont get fog everytime before u go diving spit in the mask, put it all over across the glass and give it just a little bit of water so the spit doesent affect ur seeing. This has worked for me and has not damaged my mask.

  38. Mason Woodman says

    so cool just getting into this dicovering that I love it.

  39. Alexander Sim-Rowan says

    the thing is. we call our sister samsquanch because she is really hairy

  40. GreneBean says

    Helped me a lot good video

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