Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Rating: 4.88

  1. omegagamer clarence says

    Cheeky breeki

  2. Teresa warda says

    it is foggie

  3. LightDark says

    Это русский ахахахахах по речи слишу

  4. Delvis gamer _YT says

    Taras i recommend the seabeast af90

  5. Eubene In says

    As soon as he puts on the mask the video is ruined
    Ruined Audio=suffocating chicken

  6. BjornTheGreat says

    Can i ask.? What is Your Camera?

  7. Lovely ASMR says

    Can you Breath under water with that?

  8. Епать у тебя акцент ! Чувак, ты случайно не с Алабамы ?

  9. Jonathan Lee says

    Do more

  10. Smythe Tony says

    Bahahaha fantastic, especially the underwater commentary!!!

  11. spurgumummo says

    Can you breathe when the tube is underwater properly

  12. William Studios says

    I use this mask when i go snorkeling

  13. DrGopta says

    These were linked to drowning deaths in Hawaii.

  14. x frog says

    i have that mask and i love it

  15. Saif Sammi says

    1:36 Captions
    For tourists your face will be in Moscow
    For Russians Moscow will be on your face

  16. abel thomas says

    snorkel Mask is best

  17. Lyhoz says

    Am i the only one with these full face masks that thinks it is hard to breath trough it?

  18. Kristian Nordnes Røssland says

    I have one off them bit its really hard to breath

  19. Nisir Johnson says

    Where can you get it at

  20. Din Kamboh says

    Hahahaha when he said nothing blacking u.captions in the video said nothing like killing all black people the things!!!!!

  21. Andrew Gillispie says

    It is a ball in the tube

  22. Really Gure? says

    you ruski

  23. okwjoe 77 says

    What you are missing Taras,is an APS underwater assault rifle.

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