2019 Best Dive Bag for Travel *** Akona Roller Back Pack AKB144

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What’s the best dive bag for travel in 2019. We reviewed our stock of bags and our group of divers have selected the Akona AKB144.

In this review we look at what features make this bag a winner when it comes to choosing a travel bag for your scuba gear. Lots of room in this great bag for 2019.

Here’s the Akona Roller Back Pack AKB144 list of features.

This popular & versatile New Roller Backpack features adjustable extension handle with dual lock points. Locks at 10”/25.4cm & 17”/43.2cm for easy and comfortable maneuvering.
A large main compartment carries bottom/back reinforced panels. For extra-protection, top, front, and sides are packed with long-lasting foam padding.
Equipped with an inside mesh sleeve, the bag easily accommodates bug spray, lotion, sunscreen, or water bottle.
It also has fin side pockets with drainage vents and shock-absorbing durable wheels. These wheels deliver guaranteed resistance against dirt, dust, sand and salt for smooth movements.

For passing through the busiest terminals, simply unzip the padded hidden shoulder satraps.

Rating: 5.00

  1. bunhead8 says

    I have an existing Akona bag and have used it on many, many trips (including 4 trips to Asia and Australia). it is pretty beat up now but is excellent quality and none of the parts, like wheels, handle etc. have ever malfunctioned. However it is old and heavy, and beat up, so am looking at this newer iteration. thanks for the review.

  2. Mike Ramsey says

    I like the idea of the reg bag coming with it and I agree, never check your computer or reg, things do get borrowed and you don't want your trip to be ruined.

  3. Lily Collins says

    Excellent nice features on that bag

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