1. Bryan Lee says

    when the show a tec diver as "clunky" lmao

  2. pietro BOI says

    mi piace il kit mi piacerebbe sapere il prezzo

  3. Turgut Ceylan says

    Amını yurdunu siktiğim. 3 saatlik yolu 10 dakika hava veren tüple mi geçicen.

  4. calkelpdiver says

    As a Scuba Instructor I cannot support the use of this equipment.  People will get hurt.  There is a reason why people using equipment like this are trained and certified by professional instructors (who are trained and certified themselves).  You want to swim and dive freely in 10-20 feet of water learn how to Free Dive.

  5. Brian Soricelli says

    People should be properly trained to use products like these

  6. Spynmaster says

    I wonder what happens if you combine this with the air compressor?

  7. Spynmaster says

    This should be more of a thing.

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