GTA 5 Online – NEW SCUBA DIVING SUIT!!!!! DOES IT WORK!!!!! (yes it does!)

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kid asks crush out and gets rejected… –


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  1. László Török says

    For some reason my lung capacity increases

  2. Fernando Then says

    Can U give sum money to me

  3. Sevas Resendiz says
  4. Elijah Sanders says

    He got more than 15 bill

  5. Elijah Sanders says

    How you get so much money omg

  6. Kyllingcool says

    He hacking

  7. Game freak says

    The best thing at scuba outfit is that you cant drown you can be underwater voor like 1000 years

  8. simon duggan says

    Thank u so much

  9. Gavin Kid says


  10. countrykid_20 says

    Holy fuck* the money

  11. Frank A says this is the real shit

  12. Bill Carter says

    When you jump in the water it does it

  13. LilSickAlex says


  14. Aamir Z says

    Forget the Scuba suit, where you get $1.5 Trillion?

  15. F says


  16. Fornite Lopes says


  17. īźįåh šäñçhėź says

    how did yøu get so much money?

  18. Katie Wiltshire says

    What level where you as it dosnt come up in the clothing for me

  19. Keondra Morehead says

    How did u get so rich

  20. jayking456 gaming says

    Scam!!!!bitch scam

  21. jay travers says

    Help I bought one but it makes the actually scuba equipment disappear when wearing it

  22. Carlos Loff says

    There is a pressure limit depth but is quite deep so you can descent quite a lot – One of the best things lately on GTA 5 – Im pretty sure it will be useful also to escape some tough situations where the water will save us from danger during missions or freeroam

  23. Gold Leeferson says

    You have to get in tha water

  24. SaintZombie1 says

    Thank you! Bought one walked away from counter….instantly pissed! Lol. I knew I'd find a video on it.

  25. Chance Is Not Ugly says

    It's probably in gear…

  26. I Aim To Please says

    Can you do the animation from story mode?

  27. Oneway Logan says

    Buying it

  28. Shelove jstarr says

    I need a friend to help me make massive money im on Xbox One
    Gamertag: TGRKARATEBOY  (all caps)

  29. Chantille Khoury says

    Tell us who gave you so much money

  30. Vnms - says

    It doesn’t work for me:(

  31. IDKGaming says

    Do a spending spree

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