Diving mask clearing (How to put on a diving mask underwater)

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Being able to put on a diving mask under water is a skill everyone who is scuba diving or free diving should master.

When training underwater you should always have a buddy to rescue you if you get a blackout. Never train alone

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  1. Luke Griffith says

    Can I have your pool?

  2. DZ MIX says

    very beautiful swiming pool ♥

  3. Tracy Buford says

    I just want to know how to stay under water like that.

  4. Edward Gladden says

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  5. garaths333 says

    I was doing that when i had 5 years old

  6. Alex Supremo says

    Wrong way to put water into your mask. Don't try to pull it off your face, it hurts! Instead, pinch the soft top (rubber/silicone) above your nose to create an opening for water to leak in.

  7. Quando dio ti osserva says

    You can't just put om befor go underwater?

  8. CHill TACtics says

    Hell ya it worked in the river to

  9. bmfr1995 says

    How you can stay underwater without the oxygen of your lung lift you up again?

    Como uno puede permanecer abajo sin que el aire acumulado en los pulmones te impulse hacia arriba?

  10. Jose Rosa Collazo says

    Good video, plus he's so cute.

  11. DJ VENDETTA says

    when you already know all this but you watch it anyways

  12. Charles Leibold says

    Where is that pool

  13. Daniel says

    What is the camera you're using?

  14. I am Raider says

    I learned this at scuba diving course … Its pretty hard

  15. Joseph Atnip says

    This is the first thing they teach you in scuba

  16. Tony says

    How do you stay underwater? I float to the top

  17. Nisha Singh says


  18. Chaz Games says

    Is it just me or does his face look like super man

  19. ThunderBolt523 says

    Sir i have question. What do you see underwater without diving mask? Is it blurred like a picture or normal???

    Because if i open my eyes in underwater it is so so so blurred like in the picture.

    Please answer.

  20. ⦅PICͥODͣOͫUX⦆ says

    Probably one of the best tutorial for me. I wanted to know some things for diving and swimming and this was extremely simple to understand. Good trick !

  21. Lorenzo Smith says

    How do you hold ur breath for sooo Long.

  22. Reaksmey Kov says


  23. same

  24. same

  25. ForRealz ? says

    I just want to learn it Cuz I want to show my friends xd

  26. Fritz the cat says

    I think I was wrong. You said you would blow out by your nose.

  27. Fritz the cat says

    Looks very interesting.
    One thing I cannot understand. U do the clearing by exhaling through the mouth.

    Assisted other diving sites telling you have to exhale by your nose to get out the water.
    Would be nice to respond. Thanks.

  28. Len Gaming says


  29. Polo Ilano says

    You are waring weigth belt

  30. Polo Ilano says

    You are waring weath belt

  31. I think it's a lot easier with scuba lol

  32. You Are A Sin says

    ya but you can see underwatr and i cant

  33. Tom Tom D says


  34. DownTownPizzas says

    Those pools are so deep only been to one 1 time and that pressure in you ears how do you do it

  35. DownTownPizzas says

    Those pools are so deep only been to one 1 time and that pressure in you ears how do you do it

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