Dive Torch Guide

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Tech diving torches are tough, bright and reliable. Simple designs with minimal moving parts reduce the risk of flooding.
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Rating: 4.52

  1. aspire02bb says

    Tilly tec TT 4500

  2. Bill Latibay says

    Need your advise which brand is better. Light n motion or sealife? Im looking at sola 2500 v sea dragon 2500 both in twin config. I have a canon g7x in a fantasea housing btw.

  3. Yggdrasil42 says

    Interesting video. The repetition of words in this video got annoying though. A bit of variation would be nicer.

  4. Casper Rønhof says

    Bigblue TL 4500 – 10° and VL 15000 pro mini – 160° Awesome lights..

  5. Tony Wood says

    Sola Dive 800. Very impressed with it for the money.

  6. JLB Minestine says

    hello are you working on the young divers video

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