My Experience with Loose Skin & Compression Clothing

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Rating: 4.76

  1. Timothy Thomas says

    Just came across tho his video, how much did you wind how much did you lose

  2. YehBoiFausto626 says

    DAmm bro thanks for the video bro

  3. Keny For You says

    You are a hero boy.

  4. douglas byron Smotherman says

    Your body is disgusting dude

  5. Dale Frank says

    Thank you. You have a beautiful body.

  6. Lauren Gabriella B says

    You are actually really handsome and have a lot of muscle

  7. Chris Maggs says

    great video! so inspiring, thank you!

  8. ingrid ugarteche says

    Omg…! You look amazing!! You are so brave to share!! Thank you so much! Does skin shrinks or what happens? Just curious because I'm lossing weight and I'm starting to see loose skin!! So happy for you!!

  9. Stevie Darling says

    Get the surgery if you can. It’s worth the money & recovery only sucks for a month. Save up & do it—it’ll change your life.

  10. husain shaikh says

    Hi friend i am sameer from India…

  11. Ivonne Suarez says

    He's such a cute kid!

  12. Franky Rod says

    Mad respect! Very insightful.

  13. Pangi Liba says

    You're awesome dude .and you're very sexy and hot .

  14. Charles Kerry says

    Under all that skin you are muscular and tone. I don't know the history of your weight lost, but you obviously lost a'lot . Good job on weight lost.

  15. David Fenton says

    I luv this guy

  16. Patrick D says

    are u tucking!? cause i can't see a dick in theyre

  17. eljuli1003 says

    how do you make cardio to burn fat without losing your muscles?

  18. eljuli1003 says

    you are my idol, man. My new inspiration.

  19. Ronald Shaw says

    Wow stud

  20. Hazed Highlights says

    He’s kinda like a bootleg Tom Holland

  21. revaz surmanidze says

    ремень сошей

  22. Rick Walker says

    Its incredibly admiral that your willing to put up with loose skin. I think its the content of your character the transparency and honesty that makes you the man you are today. any one who meets you would be honored to be your friend.

  23. kamal Routewal says

    Bro, you are champion

  24. KJ The Beast says

    You know you wouldn't need compression clothing if you was healthy & fit from a young age.

  25. bigboy says

    You cool

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