9 Reasons Why You Should Get A Scuba Diving Certification

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1. You get to meet new individuals

So many of us worry about scuba diving alone, but the truth is, when you first go for a scuba diving certification, you’ll be surrounded with people who are exactly in the same boat (pun intended!) as you! Everyone is new there and the best thing is, scuba divers are a bunch of friendly and outgoing individuals.

And if you want to learn more about different cultures, you get to meet individuals from all around the world. Sweden. Kiribati Islands. Dubai. You’ll develop yourself and gain so much experience from that!

2. It’s an awesome sport for all ages

A 90-year old man, Stan Waterman, who was recently interviewed by Diver Mag is still an avid diver. You can even be 10-years old and be a certified scuba diver. This takes family vacations to a whole new level, and create even more bonding between you and your loved ones. Nothing is more exciting than helping one another strap on your wetsuits and fins before jumping off the boat.

3. There’s literally zero gravity, like you’re in space!

Believe it or not, NASA uses the Aquarius Reef Base in Key Largo to practice deep space simulation since 2001. Reason? There’s zero gravity when you’re deep underwater. It’s the closest you can get to being in space.

Additionally, having zero gravity implies that you will feel weightless. It feels like flying and it’s an insane feeling!

4. It improves your fitness and health like no other

Scuba diving is a sport and like any other sport, it has an abundance of health and physical benefits. It helps you control your breathing, burns calories as you swim against resistance and helps you be more aware of your spatial environment. Bonus!

5. You get to see all kinds of marine animals

Forget about aquariums. Go scuba diving for the real deal. Want to see Nemo? Yes he is actually orange with stripes. If you’re lucky, and depending on where you dive, you even get to see humpback whales, white-tip sharks and manta rays. It’s a breathtaking experience.

6. The possibility is endless to where you can dive

How cool would it be to say that you’ve dived the Red Sea?

Asia has some of the best dive wrecks and marine life.

Try British Columbia, Canada for some amazing cold-water dives.

And don’t forget the Great Barrier Reef for the untouched marine environment.

The world is 80% water. It’s a pity if you just let it be.

7. Still not spoilt for choice? Choose what kind of diving you want to do!

Ever wanted to do a wreck dive? What about a shore dive as opposed to a boat dive? Don’t forget a night dive where the marine environment is a completely different experience. When we say the possibilities are endless, we really do mean it is endless.

8. It brings the explorer in you out

No aquariums in this world, no matter how amazing it may be, can replicate the feeling of being underwater. When you dive, you tend to have a passion for adventure. You’ll always want to see more. What’s in that corner? What’s under that cave? Can I see more of this same family of aqua life? It’s profound and each dive is different.

9. Nothing else in this world spells peace like diving does

When you go for a run, there’s always other distractions around you. When you do any other sport in fact, there are always other sounds and sights that may take your focus away from you. But when you dive, you will find that the only thing you can ever hear is the sound of your breath. Empty your mind and let nature take over you for real. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Most importantly, diving is in itself a beautiful experience everyone who is physically capable of doing should try at least once in their lives. It’s an experience like no other.

Do you want to dive?

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