✪ TOP 5: Best SCUBA DIVING Gadgets & Technology You NEED To See #1

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Enjoy the dive of your life with these 5 Amazing Scuba Diving Innovations. Check out our latest picks of Top 5 New Diving Gadgets and let us know in the comments which of the inventions you find useful and which simply blow your mind.

These are the Amazing inventions presented in this video:

#5 H2O Ninja Mask –
#4 ibubble –
#3 Paralenz –
#2 Scubajet –
#1 AAK 180 –

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Rating: 4.15

  1. Alexander Przybysz says

    How about they invent a universal prescription lens insert that fits any mask.

  2. Patrick Arlt says

    if you are going to scuba diving with the first object, just say goodbye to your ears ^^
    Do NEVER use that for scuba !!!

  3. william b says

    Did we really need a whole 1:40 of random shots and no dialogue?

  4. Knut Anders says

    That ninja mask is danger!

  5. ItsJust Me says

    That mask is for snorkeling Not diving

  6. FinRaRe says

    Ninja mask all there was girls asses not anything else

  7. Noah Lee says

    Rubbish products for SCUBA DIVING

  8. Alyssa B says

    This video is fake I got one of those “ninja” mask for 40 bucks on amazon

  9. Ton Ka says

    Stupid mask is master leaking ….

  10. cdcdcd6777 says

    lost all credit when that stupid face goggle thing is in the list. most useless shit ever.

  11. SlappyAsshole says

    Ninja mask is fucking cancer good luck diving 3 meters deep without not blowing your head from pressure…

  12. Army trash says

    0:50 was that a Fish or a mermaid fin fun tail or a silicone tail or just flipers

  13. jengson says

    Don't buy the dive mask! You can't equalize.

  14. Arguably says

    The first is for snorkeling, not scuba

  15. graycloud057 says

    She’s got some nice taters!

  16. Stino Vanilla says

    what a shit music … way too loud !!

  17. BLike 1 says

    0:28 too hot for me

  18. ImpulseFTP says

    How the hell are we supposed to equalize with the last mask

  19. Alex Le says

    маска за 150 баксов это просто кусок говна, лучше за 50 купить 3 обычные маски, а остальное для людей которым деньги некуда деть

  20. jc niedergerke says

    On the first invention how do you equalize in the water

  21. Carlo Grotti Trevisan says

    0:28 this is my favourite gadget

  22. Luddeh says

    90% of this video was howing girls asses

  23. zinny999 says

    Super ground breaking ass

  24. Sinful Life says

    Number 5 is not for SCUBA diving get your shit right!

  25. beth98362 says

    I wish you had spent more time telling us about the product and less time focusing on beach Bunny's asses!

  26. michael stefanovski says

    what masks?

  27. William Strnad says

    Wow scuba diving more like snorkeling

  28. Martin hosszu Martin says

    To everyone saying that you cant equalize with the first one: just yawn with closed lips

  29. Cr33py says

    Umm, the first one sucks for scuba diving. Cant even freedive with it, you can adjust the pressure in your ear.

  30. Ghilles Bekkar says

    just fk off no 1 wants to see ur sisters walking w/ bikinis

  31. Finnion Putna says

    on the 180° mask you can't equalise you need to do this else your ears get badly damaged this happens if you go deep the mask covers the noses you can't equalize

  32. JAGUAR GAMING [TR] says

    i have dat masks allready

  33. Kristian Brandt says

    I don't care how many great asses you flash, that snorkel mask has no place on this list. The idea is great, except there's no way to equalise. Which means it's worth fuck all.

  34. ThegamerofdeathHD says

    That ninja mask is complete garbage, you can dive more than two feet as your gonna be unable to equalize the pressure in your ears.

  35. Jan Zugic says

    you don't know shit about diving, do you?

    1st – you can't do decompression

    2nd – too expensive, and can get damaged by rocks

    3rd – actually really cool

    4th – if you have a bigger boat, this probably would not move it a single bit

    5th – not so bad actually

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