Scuba Gear For Beginners

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Scuba Gear For Beginners
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Finding what gear you need as a new scuba diver can be a bit of a pain. So here is our list of the key equipment you need to start diving.






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  1. Edward Kammermann says

    I am a 13 year old about to go for my Open Water Diver… While beginning to start diving, is it better to rent, or straight up buy all the equipment? Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. switch says

    id love to learn but i have a few problems im disabled i use a walking stick as im unstable walking i can swim but can't kick my legs

  3. DJ Barrett says

    Why does the regulator an octo have to be from the same brand?

  4. XxSavage NoddlexX says

    need more subs

  5. LimitlessDeadline says

    Completely unrelated, I'm not a fan of scubapro's regulators. They plug the octopus- an ok idea in theory, but when you're in a spot with literally ZERO visibility, and you lose a regulator (it was a training dive so we were reviewing skills.), combined with the plug not coming out, it scared me. Good thing I had such a good divemaster.

  6. Connor O'Donoghue says

    What'd be the best wetsuit for water around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit? Or should I just skip wetsuits and go straight for a drysuit?

  7. Richard Turner says

    Why don't you tell people how expensive all this equipment is? The only inexpensive thing is the mask, snorkle and fins.

  8. humphrey707 says

    I think someone should make a mask that shows all your dive info

  9. Chaos Theory says

    Tropical or not, just always use a dry suit. Thank me later.

  10. GastrophetDrum says

    Bro, you don't have to have a matching brand Octo why you leading people astray? I run a Scubapro Mk25 Evo S600, and I use an aqualung Octo and it's great all day. Bro.

  11. loren H says

    Do only advanced divers use the tanks?

  12. Jim Buttz says

    Background music is annoying!

  13. Lee B says

    First thing before anything is to work out the cost.
    For many people all those togs and electronic gear being pushed costs a bomb .
    It's amazing how people 40 years ago managed without all this electronics and just had a decent divers watch.

  14. Sighs Internally says

    Knife? Tank?
    And how much should one expect to pay for a decent set of all this?

  15. geegeegabe says

    If you have a BCD can you breath underwater without an air tank?

  16. Tw1ch says

    Is there any kids scuba beginner set?? With air tank??? LEL

  17. James Z says

    I think the best order is:
    1. Mask, fins, snorkel
    2. Dive computer
    3. BCD, regulator package
    4. Suit

  18. MrArtist1971 says

    Didn't tell me much.

  19. Alan Hunter says

    You don't need to buy matching regulator and octopus!

  20. James Oliver says

    Since when does your Octi have to be the same brand?

  21. Alex Toaster says

    1:20 I think the suit has an erection

  22. Remy TV says

    why do you need the dive computer/watch?

  23. Logan Williamson says

    Go to hgwcd711

  24. Rebecca Carlgren says

    What do you think of a cressi air travel ving West for a beginner that plannig to take aow and travel with the equipment? Or is a jacket style better? I have just dived with jacket style but tried out the air travel one yesterday and it fit well since i am quite small

  25. ThatGuy says

    My advice- buy a diving knife. May save your life:) Fishing lines might get you in trouble

  26. Jonny Bravo says

    Not to nitpick, but how is this "gear for beginners"? Don't all divers, regardless of skill level, need regulators, masks, fins, etc? 🙂

    I think what beginner divers need more than anything is to understand their own diving ambitions. Do they plan to dive only occasionally in tropical island destinations? Will they spend their time in cold quarries? Do they plan to do any spearfishing or perhaps underwater photography will interest them?

    For example, for someone who will do most of their diving in the Caribbean, the focus should be on lightweight, easily packable gear they won't mind lugging with them. They don't need a BC with a ton of lift, but rather one that won't take up a ton of room in a bag and has lightweight material construction. The Hydros Pro you show in the video is probably overkill for this type of diver. Yes, it's an absolutely fantastic product, but this diver would be well kitted with something like the Aqualung Zuma at less than half the cost of the Hydros Pro.

    Finally, I think the best advice one can give to a new diver is that there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to gear. No single BCD is going to match every diver's needs. No single exposure suit is going to work for all situations. Figure out what you want to do, and purchase the gear appropriate for that activity.

  27. Aziz Brian Khan says

    My advice, splurge on a good pair of fins. Currents are no joke!

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