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Get your PADI in the UK and discover historical wrecks, stunning coastline and incredible inland scuba hot spots.

Although the United Kingdom and Ireland might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of exotic dive destinations, the waters surrounding these ancient nations are something of a revelation. Hundreds of years of merchant seafaring have left behind a rich wreck heritage, the huge tidal ranges and adrenaline-pumping drift dives must be seen to be appreciated, and fauna ranging from tiny seahorses to gigantic basking sharks all mean the underwater realm here is full of surprises. There are almost 24,000 kilometres/15,000 miles of coastline notable for their variety: sandy and shingle beaches, crags, rocks, and dramatic cliffs abound. There is an excellent infrastructure of well-equipped PADI Dive Centers and Resorts and an equally large fleet of dive boats, many of which accommodate technical divers. The waters are cool or cold most of the year, so good exposure protection is the order of the day. For those properly equipped, however, these waters serve up some truly memorable dives.

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Rating: 4.93

  1. CL1909 says

    And its flippin freezing!

  2. Surplus says

    Weird that Padi has a video filmed at my local dive site

  3. Alex Toaster says

    2:27 seal salutes

  4. Adam West says

    Fantastic video! Just shows its not all freezing quarries and poor vis in the uk. If you want to see what the diving's like in the warmest part of the British Isles check out my video:

  5. 米吉 says


  6. Beyond The Water Surface says

    scuba diving is fun! great video and music! thanks for sharing!

  7. Anton Siabro says

    2:25 WAT ???

  8. Waterline Academy says

    Great video guys!

  9. for laughs says

    Dream come true.

  10. Daniel Mckell says

    I'm 12 I dive uk but I dive Scotland and u can only see 3 foot ahead of u

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