Best Scuba Diving Holiday Locations: Scuba Dive in the Maldives!!!

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Scuba diving in the Maldives is amongst the best in the world. Get the lowest prices for scuba trips, hotels & resorts in the Maldives on and enjoy our best price guarantee.

Best scuba diving: The Maldives are a prime dive destination for travelers from around the world and with Maldives Dive Travel you don’t have to overpay for your dream vacation in the Maldives.

Diving in the Maldives

Amazing coral reefs, best diving sites. Thrilling underwater-experiences. Generous hospitality. Pristine beaches. The perfect blend of adventure, luxury and deep relaxation. Welcome to the Maldives, your ultimate tropical retreat in the turquoise-and-blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Divers from all over the world come here to experience the country’s legendary array of scuba diving sites. This friendly island nation with its mesmerizing marine environment is simply irresistible and a hint of tropical adventure is always in the air.

One such adventure is to go on a scuba dive cruise aboard a so-called “safari boat”; an exclusive experience that captures some of the country’s unique maritime heritage. Just like on an African safari, guests on a scuba diving safari get to see the best diving spots; only the journey takes place in the vibrant coral gardens of the Indian Ocean instead of the dry African Savannah.

With a bit of luck, and the right scuba dive locations you can come across all of the Maldivian “Big Five”: peaceful Whale Sharks; sleek Reef Sharks; inquisitive Manta Rays; impressive Eagle Rays and playful Dolphins. Encounters with one or more of these fascinating creatures are actually usually a daily occurrence on diving safaris.

It is little wonder then, that in recent years diving cruises have become one of the most popular holiday options. In 2011 the Maldives were selected as the best cruise destination at the World Travel Awards — a more than well-deserved honour. A maldives dive cruise in the Maldives allows guests to experience more than one region and truly relax as they are chauffeured around the lush atolls in style to the best scuba diving locations.

Maldivian dive cruise ships offer one of the most comfortable ways of experiencing the exciting sport of scuba diving. The tropical climate means that air and water temperatures rarely drop beneath 28 degrees Celsius, that’s 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for dive in maldives Highly experienced and professionally trained maldives diving instructors guide small groups of divers. The accompanying boat, the so-called Dhoni, is used as a floating dive base, which drops off and later picks up divers right on top of the dive site. There is no lugging around of heavy equipment or struggling to get back to the mooring line at the end of a dive.

But the best thing about scubadiving in the Maldives scuba is, of course, the incredible underwater world that lies right beneath the surface. Divers can look forward to seeing anything from micro sensations such as Gobies, Blennies, Nudibranches and crustaceans to giants like Whales, Whale Sharks, Mantas and Sharks. Rays, turtles and dolphins are also no rarity here. Don’t miss out on the weekly night dive because, once the sun has set, the reefs become a stage for some of the most amazing underwater scenes.

Despite relatively low prices, Maldivian dive safaris offer a high standard of comfort and service. The current trend is moving towards up-market facilities and services such as Jacuzzis on deck, spa treatments, gourmet food and picnics on uninhabited islands.

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  1. Steve Cain says

    Dead ray and whaleshark on the beach and you're promoting the Maldives? Also, what does "lugsury" mean?

  2. Jay Maniyar says

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  3. John david says

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    If you are planning for another such experience that you had in Maldives, then make sure you get in touch with Wyndham Reef Resort in Grand Cayman and gather some lifetime experiences for yourself…

  4. Dhika Mei M says

    Best travel destinations in exotic Maluku Indonesia
    The idea of tropical islands with white pristine beaches and the endless view of the ocean is embodied in one of Indonesia’s oldest province: Maluku.

  5. Taz says

    Please help me give my parents the holiday they deserve.

  6. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  7. Ali Mode says

    proud to be a maldivian

  8. Shahee Shareef says

    im from maldives c:

  9. thelocustemperor says

    Actually Usually!!

  10. Nate says

    I'm going here next summer hope to get my PADI open water certificate

  11. Jon Horner says

    One of the best diving areas of the world, simply fantastic.

  12. - Darkmatterinc - says

    Buck now for £9999999999

  13. SerenBeatz says

    +jtappia You had to go all the way to the maldives to see nice ass? That's sad, I wonder where you live.

  14. Daniel Forslund says

    go to thailand, cheapest in the world and you will learn how to dive in 3 days and go advanced in another 3 days, (30m +)

  15. jtappia says

    I went to Maldives and when i wen't diving there, I didn't even see one of the creatures he mentioned! No sharks, no rays, no whales, no dolphins. Only ass, hot, sexy ass!

  16. Bill Sims says

    oh right,youre another rich guy hah?

  17. selina kathriner says

    I love scuba diving:)

  18. Muhd Hafiz says

    ive been diving in bali , time to change ! i wish to go there 🙁

  19. Audun Bjerke says

    Looks amazing:)
    I have some questions for those who have already been there, though:
    1. Is snorkeling also recommended? (Whats the difference between diving with real equipment and snorkeling?)
    2. What other water sports are there to do in the maldives? (wake boarding, surfing, tubing etc?)
    3. Are those sharks and dangerous-looking fishes.. dangerous?
    4. Are the maldives a place you want to bring your children?
    Thank you:)

  20. Scampergirl says

    I have to learn to Scuba…this is beautiful. Im not sure how I'm going to learn in the middle of the U.S., with freezing lakes as a training ground though!

  21. Kobe Michilot says

    That comment below me!!!

  22. Karel Charles says

    When I think of a perfect relaxed and peaceful vacation, I think of Maldives

  23. Madeleine Freeman says

    Maldives is on my diving list for the next summer. I'm counting the days 🙂

  24. Sophie Robins says

    I went to a diving cruise this summer, it's an experience of a lifetime. Everything was great, the boat, the diving instructors… and the view underwater is magnificent beyond every imagination.

  25. Danah Stevens says

    Manta rays are so graceful, just adorable )

  26. Jami Howell says

    Absolutely wonderful, I gotta go there. Maldives look amazing on the video, I can only imagine the feeling you'll have when you're actually there.

  27. Twila Boyer says

    Swimming with all those fish around me really made me feel as one with nature.

  28. Monique Holland says

    Picnic on uninhabited island, now that's my idea of holiday in paradise

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