Cozumel Deep Scuba Dive 400 feet – 6 tanks (RAW)

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(warning – this video is NOT exciting to watch. Absolutely nothing happens, which is exactly what we wanted.) We got dropped too shallow, because of the air consumption calculations we needed to expedite to the bottom. Did a lot more stirring up than we usually do, our bad. People ask why. Have you ever looked down, further than you were supposed to go and wondered? Me too. Well I haven’t found any monsters yet, still looking down and wondering what’s further down.

6 tanks, 10 minutes to get down, mandatory 2.5 hours of deco to get back to the surface. We go through the reefs and see the pretty fish and coral on the way up.
10/60 (2 tanks)

One rebreather


  1. Dave K says

    Here's some cave diving in CZM , it's more exciting to watch.

  2. Backpacker Thrulife says

    Are you guys lacking the fear gene?

  3. Steve DeMayo says

    That’s a whole lot of ambient light for 400 ft??????

  4. morrisd9 says

    that's really cool. Went diving in Cozumel a few times a year all through high school and a little bit afterwards. I've always wondered what things would look like if you dropped over the wall and kept going down.

  5. yumekai1 says

    That's really cool. May I ask what camera you used? I'm curious about cameras that can resist deeper dives

  6. Disabler says

    25 people are under pressure..

  7. T J says

    Nice to know the hands dont get cold at 400ft.

  8. Katja S. says

    What dive site is it Dave?

  9. E_Drost10 says

    Why did he put (RAW) at the end of the title of the video?

  10. Aaron Baker says

    What dive center did you use… ???

  11. Jeffrey daerma says

    How long does it take you to ascend? Sick vid man

  12. Freehotdawgs says

    So cool, I would love to do some tech diving some day. What kind of camera are you using that can go that deep?

  13. Wally Brown says


  14. Mike Dinmore says

    I’m glad to see all these ‘overweighted’ divers dragging themselves across the reef apparently over and over again for fun. Hasn’t anyone even watched Blue Planet? well done

  15. sonya bunyan says

    How did you not get pressure sick ness you must have some good pressure skills

  16. Solsist __ says

    That had to be the slowest ascent ever.

  17. Humberto Alanis says

    121 meters is pretty deep glad you guys were able to make it

  18. 13지민 says

    What underwater camera do you have?

  19. Anthony Largeanus says

    Great video. Couple of questions:
    1) what wing/harness/backplate system r u using
    2) which computer is that (shearwater?)
    3) which course teaches you to handle more than 1 stage
    4) what skills are most important to master (or near master) prior to doing a tech course? (I.e. advanced nitrox and deco procedures)
    5) how do you pick a good tech instructor?

    Thanks guys

  20. Terminal Cancer says

    Where do you get certified, I live in California but haven't been able to find a place that offers technical rebreather certification

  21. jmh30us says

    Yeah,I can go to about 50 feet so I will probably see you out there

  22. Dane Jablonski says

    Your breathing is really good

  23. Arnold Stollar says

    Decompression meters are required. But they are. Not. Accurate sometimes.Redundancy in meters is wise.

  24. Arnold Stollar says

    Surprised by this coral damage at Cozumel. Warm water and clear water, clean water.

  25. Arnold Stollar says

    Don’t forget to decompress adequate ly forthright deep dives.

  26. Riley Zarm says

    2.5 hrs of deco holy shit. And your air nitrogen ratios are insane. Dude, I could never go that deep.

  27. Phillip Borbon says

    got my advanced scuba last year and want to follow your route, i read on one of your messages that the max is 330', ive seen others go 500' how is this possible?

  28. Kyle Martin says

    Dude on the left at the beginning needs to work on his trim! Looks like he's super bottom heavy.

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