Best of diving Philippines – Tubbataha reef (HD)

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Great dives in Tubbataha reef : whale shark, grey sharks, hammerhead sharks, whitetip reef sharks, big shoals, turtles…
Seadoors cruise with Shark education. Thanks to Steven Surina.
Music : Poisson solo.


  1. Let us all preserve this beauty.

  2. P Stapes says

    Ohh silver tip, wonderful. Just planning my trip out there for May so having a mooch about. Many thanks

  3. Lanzki says

    5:14 that's some wierd species of fish

  4. Kenny Powers says

    wow what did you film this with?

  5. Michael Coburn says

    Many thanks to Vincent for letting me borrow 30 seconds of this footage to enhance the vlog of my trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines. See it here:

  6. Michael Coburn says

    Vincent, great shots, editing music etc. I just got back and did two dives and am making my vlog. Unfortunately I didn't have any underwater gear with me. Can I borrow 30 seconds of underwater footage from this upload? Just need permission. I can grab the content. i will credit you in my post.

  7. pde12660 says

    Definitely the Paradise!

  8. moketoni says

    Nice video! But buy a red filter.

  9. Manuel Guitan says

    beautiful ph.

  10. says


  11. Norma Yap says

    Hi Vincent! you are such a lucky guy to have this chance to dive in this unique and astonishing place: Tubbataha, in The Philippines. Wow! this is my native land but I´ve never seen this underworld. Thanks to this video, now I have some ideas how it looks like. I am so grateful for sharing your lots of videos published here. Good luck!

  12. Maureen O’Connell says

    Superb video! It is really beautiful


    Hi Vincent! I'm Regine Dela Peña, program researcher and production coordinator in the LIVING ASIA CHANNEL (LAC), a 24/7 cable and satellite television channel featuring the best of Asian travel, lifestyle and tour destinations.

    National Museum of the Philippines, with the help of Living Asia Channel, is in the process of creating a Marine Gallery set to be built this 2017. There are sets of modules in the gallery that require audio-video footage from the shallow to deep part of the ocean. In line with this, may I know if you have HD Underwater Videos that you are willing to donate? I saw this video in Youtube and I’m humbly asking for your consent to have the raw copies and let us use the footage for the aforementioned program. We will highly appreciate it should you allow us to use any.

    For questions and clarifications please contact me here or at [email protected]. Hope to receive your favorable response! Thank you!

  14. Soussan Fortunée says

    kool je peux dire bravo trop joli

  15. Pierlo Pablo says

    Super video Vincent !! By the way it Seadoors in one word 😉

  16. Yves Dreux says

    toujours de belles vues / du coup nous avons fait une révision des "remede video ; un super moment

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