1. RandomiMies4444 says

    they're Maldiving

  2. Koushik Singh Roy says

    miss,which island ?

  3. Vitomir Maricic says

    freediving stuff are welcome. Cool.

  4. Colt CGH says

    Where is this? I want to save up to send my parents here sometime in the future. I want to know the best area to go diving with good accommodation, not too cheap but not expensive as I am 16 so I will have to save up a few grand from a part time job

  5. Celsin Van Cauter says

    Realy nice ☺

  6. Mohd Mubaraq says

    Thank u for sharing this video

  7. Seb Dunleavy says

    You don't need to kick your legs so fast!!!!

  8. sd says

    Great vid! What actiom cam were u using here?

  9. hmmm says

    Which dive center/shop is recommended for diving in Maldives ?

  10. Maureen O’Connell says

    This is so Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Abhishek Jain says

    4:30 what is that!

  12. Magnus Ryan diving says

    Hi what an amazing video! What an amazing job you did on the editing!!
    Been enjoying these vids keep it up!
    Would you mind checking out my latest Egypt video plz!;) and see what your thoughts are on it. I'm 13 years old and plan on doing a lot more diving and would love some support with my photography! Please share the video if you can to help get people to notice the work I'm putting into photography!! Thanks keep up these brilliant vids!;)

  13. erwang Muhammad says

    amazing ,,,

  14. mermaid000pranu says

    how much did this cost?

  15. marianjaly joseph says

    can a person who dont know to swim cn do scuba diving??

  16. Stella Benoit says

    October 2016…Stunning video. Thank you….:-) Florida

  17. Chandan Mogare says

    what reef is this?

  18. Rene pedersen says


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