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Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel – Dry snorkel with unique valved top – totally seals when submerged.
Silicone flexi section enables snorkel to ‘drop away’ when not in mouth.
Replaceable silicone mouthpiece.
Purge valve for easy clearing.
Quick-release clip.


  1. MR-FLIP says

    send me one to product review

  2. Callum Nye says

    is this a good one to buy

  3. Bertie Barrett says

    Might sound stupid as I am new to this but can you actually breathe underwater with one of these?

  4. Nicole Corby says

    is there a difference between The USA Line Ultra-Dry Snorkel by Oceanic and the Ultra-Dry Snorkel By Oceanic… there is a $20. difference and I can't understand why… Please HELP

  5. Lauren Randall says

    My bf and I both own Oceanic Ultra-dry snorkels. Comfortable, reliable, functional all-around thought out gear!

  6. ExquisiteRainImports says

    I heard the LA river is a hot spot!.. just kidding lol

  7. Khalid Jahfali says

    Where to buy online and how much is it?

  8. jfs1234567891 says

    i loved it ,shop it and you will not agre :)))

  9. 2phalanges says

    where is a nice place where i can snorkle in los angeles ca?

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