Easter Spearfishing in NZ – Great Barrier Island

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Some footage from freediving/spearfishing at Great Barrier Island over easter. A place, so close to Auckland, yet relatively un-touched.
I hope to promote the beauty of our underwater sea life in NZ, in order to help people understand why there is a need to protect our amazing waters.

FYI, the big Packhorse Crayfish that is shown in the Video was put back to fight another day. Aside from probably not tasting the best, it would have been bloody old!


  1. MrAshm06 says

    Hold your breath – Etherwood (spectrasoul remix)
    Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On

  2. dd says

    Frog-Carbon based lifeforms. Nice. Also Great Barrier awesome, love surfing at Medlands.

  3. Ella Sharp says

    Wow that ben guy sure is ugly. Hamish on the other hand is fiiiit

  4. Nanje Frederick Dimson says

    The Path can't comprehend the whole. "Alan Watts" – I love that @HamishGee.

  5. oahusquid says

    Aloha! Nice video. I'll be spearfishing the Great Barrier Island for the first time April 2017. Any tips?

  6. gptballa228 says

    What is the ID of the first song. It sounds like a jim Rohn inspirational quote. Great video. Subscribed!

  7. MrMilanoLau says

    Two questions:
    1. Are there big white sharks in the region?
    2. Is there any limitation on the size of lobster you can catch?

  8. Yorleni Arkta says


  9. Cellar Door says

    New Zealand is great.

  10. E. K. says

    4:41 What the fuck?

  11. Jonathan Ragudos says

    name of the songs and the soundbitem please and thank you! great video too!!!!

  12. Ruddy reyes says

    Why did you destroy/kill those sea urchins?

  13. Heath Street says

    What size gun bro ?

  14. Wilder Rowe says

    This guy just grabbed a moray eels tale r u cooked!!

  15. 4K Channel says

    Very nice video! I have added your video to DiziVizi.
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  16. Corrstar Slimo says

    sick video bro

  17. Mrbigolnuts says

    great vid guys, thank you!

  18. Dennis van der Zalm says


  19. Corben G says

    Great video!!! I always wanna to catch one on my own and my wife as well. Would you please give some hints such as how to get there and some tips about this? is there some kind of public way…. we do `t have boat yet, but free time. Are you going to there again on DEC?

  20. mo dee says

    why were u smashing up the kina? im ignorant to all this, but very interested..

  21. mo dee says

    great video.. wow seal, shark, sting ray, eel? , lobster, everything – beautiful – this video got it all.

  22. LJohnson says

    nice lobsters

  23. Felix Fielding says

    Not after your spot bro but which side is this?

  24. BeatTheMeat says

    when he smashed those rock things (forgot what there called) at 4:43 it attracts all the fish also sharks.

  25. Sindre Rånes says

    Great video. Can´t wait to go diving in NZ

  26. Mika Hakaraia-Sharrock says

    wtf u clown why you smash da kinas u fuck witt

  27. guyfishnz says

    Hi Hamish, thanks for sharing the Vid, appreciate it. Good effort too by the way by you and your buddy.
    Cheers Guy

  28. Truth says

    4:43 Why did you smash up the poor sea urchin family? 🙁

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