Scuba Diving @ The Great Barrier Reef – April 2015

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Video footage from my incredible scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia. The video doesn’t do the incredible experience complete justice.

Out of the nine dives we did, I took a camera down on only four of the dives. There were so many beautiful vistas and interesting creatures that I would have never imagined.

Thanks to all of the shipmates, dive instructors, and new friends that made the trip not only amazing, but truly memorable.

The Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, Australia

Metric – Breathing Underwater
Best Lyric: “Is this my life? | Am I breathing underwater?”

Video Footage from David Dat Nguyen & Tom Massey

GoPro 3+ & GoPro 4


  1. MrWolfsack says

    Hey David are you Dat Nguyen or a different one?

  2. Alex Huang says

    Are you certified? How much was the tour?!

  3. Герман Оганов says

    Tell me please, how much is one dive with equipment and without?

  4. ColtoN899 says

    Hey, did you use any filters for your GoPro? Looks awesome

  5. . . . 0101O says

    Metric AND the Reef <3 I would love to see how last year and this year compare. Great video 🙂

  6. JTG Dude says

    How deep is thy dive

  7. Stewart and Victoria says

    Very cool! I'm just working on editing our Great Barrier Reef video but we didn't see as much cool stuff as you! We only snorkelled thought so maybe that's why. Anyway, thanks for sharing your cool video!

  8. Barry Douglas says

    Looks amazing going next April. Who did you go with? Was that an introductory dive

  9. Robert Johnston says

    great video David. I enjoyed watching it. Looks look you had a good time. Each year I head to the Great Barrier Reef and scuba dive. Come on October.

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