10 Mistakes That Newbie Divers Make

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10 Mistakes That Newbie Divers Make
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We count down 10 mistakes that newly qualified divers make.

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    STOP THE PRESS!!!! 10 Mistakes Newbie Divers Make Part 2 is now live – https://youtu.be/eEs6vTqLLTc

  2. Derek Hetherington says

    forgot to turn tank off after dive take runs out

  3. Deathlizard says

    Almost blew up my tank then noticed my mistake.

  4. Tarnished Knight says

    Cracking your air open, and not realizing it til you're at depth.
    Breathes fine at the surface, but gets harder and harder as you descend.
    Done it to myself a time or two.

  5. Matthew Dennin says

    I'm beginning my diving training in a month so this is good to know.

  6. how2scuba says

    I like to burn the silicone off the inside of a new mask. Easier than toothpaste

  7. Jacob Shepherd says

    Remember folks, always hold your breath while holding your inflator to ascend

  8. Midnight London says

    My dad said that one of my Christmas presents don't fit in a box. We have Christmas earlier than other people so when I opened all my presents, my dad said that the present that didn't fit in a box was scooba training… I was lost of breath because I always wanted to scuba dive. I was a bit nervous to.

  9. Zero says

    Unicorn Dolphin? LMAO You mean Narwal?

  10. Cringy Mofo says

    11 not flaming your mask with a lighter when you buy it

  11. ville hirvonen says

    ”Us divers are a friendly bunch”. This made my day! Thanks! 🙂 There are a lot of ”tough guys” out there!

  12. Shelby Robinson says

    I dove once with someone who brought 2 brand new fancy dive computers because they wanted to be sure it was accurate. They were just a bucket of fun

  13. J. Radford says

    A couple more:
    Diving with your car keys and fob…
    Peeing in your wetsuit before getting on the boat 🙂

  14. Elliott Quinn says

    Would disagree with number 1. Been to plenty of dive sites where the instructors will leave the cylinders stood up at the side against the wall. Not a major problem, just requires a bit of common sense from everyone walking around the site; don't walk into the cylinder!

  15. Pavle Krivokuca says

    Great video! Tnx

  16. Dan G says

    Mask too tight, surely.

  17. ZuZu TheTrashGod says

    Why am I here it's 5:22am send help

  18. DR larwood says

    I did a few of these!

  19. Tory Brodie says

    De-fog solution…meaning spit! The greener the cleaner

  20. Jake B says

    The Unicorn dolphin is called a narwhal

  21. John Doe says

    How about not knowing how to read the dive computer you're wearing? It's more than just a depth finder. And it can't save your life if you don't know how to read it.

  22. Paul Ganze says


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