Scuba divers clowning around

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Scuba Diver clowning around

Pete lives in Barcelona and travels the world shooting underwater and on land.

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  1. J John says

    Omg! So funny!

  2. Surayah says

    Where the fuck is the boat LOL
    your voice is so soothing

  3. duck8718 says


  4. Buriedwithdrawingpad says

    I love the on-the-spot names this guy gives XD

  5. MrNotebookguy says

    Only if I could like this video 1million times :))

  6. MrNotebookguy says

    That's exactly how I feel while diving. I am free and all the noise is gone. Only soft sounds and flying like superman.
    I love diving!!!

  7. Julian Hofman says

    The commentator was just like.. Urgh wtf are they doing. xd

  8. Albert C says

    I love moving freely underwater, its like flying. A wonderful feeling of freedom

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