3 Scuba Divers Deaths Caught on Tape

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  1. Tales Of The Crypt says

    Alot of people are still asking as to why Audrey (the first video) couldn't use her safety divers breathing regulator, so it'll try to explain it to the best I can. Imagine packing your lungs with oxygen, for those who don't know what packing is, you breathe in and fill up your lungs with as much air as you possibly can it is technique used by free divers to maximize the amount of time they can stay under water without using any breathing equipment. Now imagine being dropped down to a 171 Meters not only are you holding your breath you also have the pressure of the ocean on top of you, when you are under water like this you cannot simply exhale then inhale oxygen due to the pressure
    of her lungs it would be sudden death.

    What killed Audrey was lack of safety divers in the water the safety diver that got a hold of her had to stop ascending at 90 Meters had he gone higher without decompressing he would of been risking his own life. Had their have been more safety divers they would of seen what would of happened and they would of been able to get her to the surface alot quicker.

    I hope this is abit more clear, remember diving is a beautiful experience and its a whole another world down their these cases are rare and always remember safety comes first, for those who care a movie is planned based on Audreys life directed by James Cameron with Jennifer Lawrence rumored to play Audrey…RIP to all that lost their lives doing something they loved.

  2. Sally Lee G says


  3. CC Chow says

    And this is why I stick to my couch

  4. Carter Norvell says

    What the fuck is with the classical music on the second one?

  5. India Sanders says

    I prefer land thanks

  6. S.O.S HUNTER says

    I bet they never do that again!

  7. utubn guugles says


  8. utubn guugles says




  9. Caius Jones says

    I respect that last guy for just giving up and taking out his mouthpiece

  10. Kerrie Lou says

    It doesn’t take much to kill you went scuba diving- he died trying to untangle a wire, damn. But then again, if one diver died doing a dive, that might be a clue NOT to repeat the dive to retrieve him?!

  11. Kerrie Lou says

    At that point they should have just given audrey air, you couldnt get more dead, also when she is out of the water they mess around doing everything but CPR! Its a half ass attempt that you see on the boat, the first thing that should have been done was rescue breaths not f’ing around with her diving suit, morons

  12. Kerrie Lou says

    Audreys husband may have killed her by deliberately damaging the bag that was meant to shoot her back to the serface, she didnt have the air to swim back in time. So basically you are probably watching a murder

  13. Gandalf The White says

    Asthmatic here, I can't stand water I feel like I'm being suffocated in a swimming pool, people that dive have got balls of steel.

  14. Drew Moore says

    For the Suva one; failure for safety precautions??? And if you tempt fate??? Be willing to pay the price..

  15. TrollOlofmeister Inc. says

    What music is it?

  16. Joseph Simmonds says

    The second one is sad just knowing that feeling of regret and sadness as you have your whole life flash. And how he knew he was going to die.

  17. David Dave says

    That music makes it worse

  18. Jason says

    See kiddies. This is how humans get stronger each generation.. the dumb and weak die off… Evolution at work

  19. Tokyo Sandblaster says

    The second guy did NOT dive to (270M) 885 feet. It's impossible to survive with no submarine. At that depth it is 26 times the pressure of sea level.

  20. Michael Revecho says

    Why dont they just gave her a oxygen

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