Pros And Cons Of Scuba Diving

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Pros And Cons Of Scuba Diving
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Happy New Year everybody, now we all know scuba diving is cool, why else would you be watching this channel? It’s certainly not for my sense of humor… Now like anything in this world there are pros and cons to scuba diving, at the start, everything is sunshine and rainbows while learning to dive but there are some cons too to being a scuba, so sorry to burst your bubble but here are some pros and cons of being a scuba diver.


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  1. Azul Unlimited says

    Great video guys! Love what you're putting out into the online community.

  2. ObiJ1K says

    do free diving, only con is the limited amount of time you stay under

  3. joshua smith says

    Pro: diving is awesome and you can prove, with an underwater camera, you got to hug a dolphin. Con: when you hum theme songs (usually by John Williams or 80's TV show themes), you go through your air supply quicker.

  4. Rigging Doctor says

    Pro: you sound like Darth Vader

  5. sebastian says

    could u make a vid on the most common situations that goes wrong and how to best handle it? such as a freezing reg. what sort of problem both minor and major could u as a diver expect, only talking about the tech not your health

  6. adam elmahdali says

    Con/pro : makes you rethink your life choices
    I always thought I would end up being an engineer or a doctor since Im good at school and I was pushed into that direction until I got into scuba diving and I participated in a scientific diving program over summer now I want to pursue marine biology after high-school , excellent choice in my opinion but My parents arent really the biggest fans of the idea

  7. BrickDesigner says

    How do you get the depth in the lower right corner at 1:23?

  8. Kevin Esmeier says

    I got started today in my first pool session. I can already see how carrying your “kit” to a dive site could suck. I think the payoff is worth it, though. Things pay off when you put effort into them.

    Speaking of hashtags, I’m starting the #certifyShaun hashtag. Yeah, Shaun needs to dive.

  9. Dude Outdoors says

    Pro- you get to say "i dive".

  10. Alex Hein says

    Haters will say that tank is fake 😀

  11. Here's a good conspiracy theory…

    Ever since your open water training you have been told never to hold your breath and to continuously breath. the only reason they tell you this is so you can use more air and get your tank filled more often meaning more $$$ being spent


  12. John Michael Saraceno says

    Speaking of smelly kits…is it wise to put your gear in a tub of fresh water and add in a speck of bleach to the water?

  13. rick raub says

    Wow! Over 200 views in 3hrs! You guys rock….or coral!

  14. Dive&Discover says

    My biggest Pro : Nobody talks while I'm following my passion —> the silence in nature 🙂 Best regards !

  15. sebastian says

    make more vids like this.
    pros and cons, tips and tricks, stuff to do or not to do or say. i really love those vids.
    im got my OW cert in october and now since i live in sweden it is too cold and i dont wanna invest in drysuit so early into the hobby, so i use this site to keep my interest for scuba diving while not being able to dive.

    P.S im here for sean's sense of humour 😛

  16. Jekyll Hyde says

    Cons – Can be horrifically expensive at times
    Pros – No money left for Drugs & Alcohol!

    Go diving kids!

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