1. matthew mooney says

    i fingered a dolphin one time, it ran away before i could free my willy

  2. Patricia Faria says

    lol i putted vaporwave in this and now i have a bad life

  3. Mr. Never Wrong says

    Darth Vader sure does like the ocean

  4. bobsters 211 says

    listen to dire dire docks and mute this video while watching

  5. Les Jardins du Chantilly says

    Is there any hint about where the footage was recorded ?

  6. Kluster Productions says

    Fun challenge: Hold your breath everytime there is a scene with underwater

  7. Avalon Green says

    Scuba diving is the best thing that literally ever happened to me. At first I was so bored watching scuba movies until I scuba dived for the first time! Now i love scuba movies and books and doing it. Thank you for the help.

  8. Stawrman says

    Hey man, this video is so good, would you mind if I use it for a song? I'll be sure to give you full credits for the video

  9. Hasheem The Dream says

    Thanks loved it! My favourite part was at 1:56:42 when he was scuba diving

  10. 역대급강시 says
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