Scuba Diving in India – Top 5 Destinations

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Scuba Diving in India – Top 5 Destinations

Lakshadweep Islands
Dive Sites: Aggati Island, Bangarram Island
Visibility: 10-45 metres
Best Time: May to December
Marine life: Sharks, Bull Rays, Turtles, School of Jacks, Red Snappers, Black Snappers, Napoleon Wrasse, Barracuda, Sweetlips
Cost: Rs.4,000 – 7,000

Havelock Island, Andaman
Dive Sites: The Wall ( Havelock Island), Cinque Island ( Port Blair), Fish Rock (Passage island)
Visibility: 10-45 metres
Best Time: November to April
Marine life: Turtles, Scorpionfish, Octopus, Anglerfish, Sharks and Coral reefs
Cost: Rs.5,000 – 10,000

Dive Sites: Netrani Island
Visibility: 15-20 metres
Best Time: October to May
Marine life: Whales, Turtles, Stingrays, Cobias and Stonefish
Cost: Rs.5,500 – 7,000

Dive Sites: Cool Shark Reef, Temple Reef, The Hole, 4 Corners
Visibility: 5-20 metres
Best Time: January to June & September to November
Marine life: Lionfish, Kingfish, Moray eels, Eagle and Manta rays, Parrot fish, Sea snakes, and Tigerfish
Cost: Rs.6,500 – 8,000

Dive Sites: Uma Guva Reef, Shelter Cove, Locker of Davy Jones, The Jetty
Visibility: 5-11 metres
Best Time: October to May
Marine life: Honeycomb Moray, Pufferfish, Butterflyfish, Sergeant Major, Blue lined Grouper, Bait Fish
Cost: Rs.5,000 – 8,000


  1. Yedu Ventrapati says

    What r the differences btwn goa and Other once is time, distance from land, can u give an idea.
    What about malvan in Maharashtra. Which is the cheapest one?
    Who takes long time who don't? Please
    Which is nearest one from hydarabad

  2. Sandy kaur says

    It was really a great experience and had excellent fun in scuba diving. life best moments I have experienced its all because of sea water sports, who guide soo well and they are so co-operative with us. You are the best thank u.

  3. Ruchita Mishra says

    Good info 🙂

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