1. Casey Liveringhouse says

    I dove at this same site, awesome place. Grand Cayman is amazing for diving

  2. Jon Tom says

    God made a beautiful place for us that we dont appeeciate enough.

  3. perseuseseuses p says

    I love this site! Been diving here countless times. Nice video.

  4. d nasty says

    Lovely and GREAT music

  5. fake Apple Store says

    Watch this while high!!! Thank me later

  6. Egg Kebab says

    This makes me feel like I’m not all useless

  7. Iconwalk Pim says

    holy smoke! sooo amazing

  8. Louise Smith says

    Thanks. Wish I were there. (Grandpa)

  9. adritomasi says

    ♥* 😀

  10. Douglas Hunter says

    I've not yet been in the middle of a big bait ball like that!

  11. Corbin Imgrund says

    I dove this site… it's a great site for silversides

  12. Isaia Wright says

    i only counted about 993,942

  13. DE ALMEIDA Carla says

    Abzu all over the place!

  14. کبری صدیقی says

    سلام پس چرا هیچ فلمی بالا نمیادلطفا رسیدگی کنید. ممنون

  15. Blue Amigos says

    nice one, gopro should post more scuba diving and freediving videos

  16. Jakson says

    I would be ok if i die and came back as a GoPro, the shit i would see

  17. BaNaNa_ cHaNnEl™ says

    Nice Ocean

  18. My Disney Vacation says

    Does this happen around the same time every year? Is it a fluke? Headed to Grand Cayman on a Disney Cruise at the very beginning of May 2016 and would love to dive there if it's going to be anything like this video.

  19. BMA Headmaster says

    Ive never seen this vid before but I've had a reoccurring dream like this just bigger fish and the water was dark blue and we were all going in the same direction it was like aquatic rush hour

  20. ACN says

    music name???

  21. Zhano says


  22. Igor Sakhalin says


  23. &thony says

    Blah blah blah, me me blah, blah blah blah me me me

  24. Last Man Standing says

    Get some dinner

  25. hellonatasha says

    <3 AMAZING

  26. Jelle says

    He's some sort of fish-bender

  27. Wildlife and Nature Channel says

    Amazing video!

  28. Karen Lowe says

    Do a 360 view of a video like this!

  29. chris abee says

    This makes my skin crawl

  30. VMA225 says

    Brilliant !!!

  31. iinRez says

    Must have been quite the site to behold.

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