Great Barrier Reef Diving Lady Elliot Island Queensland Australia

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Day Trip to Lady Elliot from the Gold Coast – CLICK LINK for details

We visited Lady Elliot Island, one of only three island resorts on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and the only resort with direct flight access to the island airstrip.

The island is located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in the highest possible classification of Marine National Park Zone by GBRMPA. Lady Elliot is an island teeming with life and live corals, famous for a resident population of 40 Manta Rays which form the iconic logo of the island.

We toured the reef in a glass bottomed boat, scuba dived,and did plenty of snorkelling. With exceptionally clear water year round, you may encounter turtles, dolphins and a large variety of coral, fish and giant manta rays. If you are there for the right season you may see birds nesting, turtle hatchlings emerging from the sand or migrating humpback whales blow and breech.

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  1. Agustín Cubero says

    Did u use any filter?

  2. mellijade says

    devastating footage, it breaks my heart to see how much the coral reef has deteriorated, especially over the last decade.

  3. melissa o'callaghan says

    im so in love with the world, ocean,nature at the moment, im just about to learn to dive and I cant wait for this to be my reality also.

  4. Maria Luisa Novelli says

    So unglaublich schön!!

    Zu tauchen ist das Beste, was mir je passiert ist!! <3

  5. Stephane Barbier says


  6. Dylan N says

    Who sings the song? So good.

  7. Rizvee Azad says

    can anybody plz tell us whats the song??? #funtravel  

  8. 1046Fay says

    Stunningly beautiful vid..

  9. peter zielinski says

    does anyone know the song/artist used in this video?

  10. Marcus Miller says


  11. Tom F says

    Going scuba diving here in december! 😀

  12. Tovacorona says

    What a beautiful world. I'm not a scuba diver and am grateful to be able to see this. Thank you!

  13. LA Rose says

    and then a seawasp comes lololololololo

  14. Fun Travel TV Show says

    Thanks. We used a 5D Mark2 in an Aquatica housing, with fish eye and 16 – 35m lenses. It is such a beautiful place to dive with so much marine life 🙂

  15. MsQinger says

    Use filter?

  16. MsQinger says

    Amazing visibility! Use if

  17. bass295pxl says

    What kind of camera & accessories were used to shoot this. Amazing!

  18. jksdhjjd says

    Beautiful video, well-put together! Can you share the artist and song title of the music? It's beautiful too.

  19. PeanutsAreYum says


  20. winterweib says

    I long to be under the sea in an octopussy's garden <3

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