The World’s Best Dive Destinations HD

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This is a preview/trailer for the DVD THE WORLD’S BEST DIVE DESTINATIONS, the world’s first visual scuba diving guide to some of the planets best dive destinations available on amazon.
Join Volker Bassen and his wife Nimu on their epic journey around the Globe in search of the worlds best dive destinations.
Four years in the making, this comprehensive underwater visual location guide includes top dive destinations such as Raja Ampat and Komodo in Indonesia, Sipadan in Malaysia, Thailand’s Similan Islands, French Polynesia’s Rangiroa and Fakarava, the Tonga island groups of Vava’u, Ha’apai and Eua (the world’s biggest underwater cathedrals!), Gansbaai and Aliwal shoals in South Africa, Pemba Island in Tanzania, Kenya, Holbox, Cozumel and the famous underwater caves (cenotes) of the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico – truly any scuba divers “wish list”.
This visual presentation has it all, from giant humpback whales to super rare minute gorgonian Pygmy seahorses, the stunning footage (all filmed in HDV) will take your breath away.
Special importance has been given to sharks; follow a whale shark tagging expedition in Kenya or Holbox, Mexico, or scuba dive with Tiger sharks and White sharks in South Africa. Follow a shark dive expedition to French Polynesia during a grouper spawn, truly the “stuff of legend” Clips from this trailer are available from OceanFootage. ENJOY!


  1. Kiwi´s life says

    Amazing video. Great!

  2. Clyde Ceniza says

    Nice footage!

  3. kenjie pacaldo says

    center of the center of the world's ocean biodiversity "Philippines"

  4. Christine Leroy says

    Une mer très poissonneuse.

  5. Julian Deep says


  6. Dhika Mei M says

    Best travel destinations in exotic Maluku Indonesia The idea of tropical islands with white pristine beaches and the endless view of the ocean is embodied in one of Indonesia’s oldest province: Maluku.

  7. svpch81 says

    Amazing!! still you are missing the best! Darwin and Wolf Islands at Galapagos!!!

  8. Younes Belkady says

    love the music. what album is this ?

  9. Álvaro Lozano says

    Very good video. I recommend The Canary Islands, Spain, for the practice of diving. In my channel are the best dives of Gran Canaria.

  10. Joie Amper says

    i live in hawaii oahu i scuba diving alot and skyding feels like heaven

  11. Kevin James says

    it is a real pleasure to share this on my facebook page…terrific video.I have dived many of these places and love them all.

  12. Caroline Fisher says

    wow and thank you, i am a dive instructor in thailand but only started my diving adventures here 3 years ago…amazing video and very inspiring, thank you xxxx

  13. arch sword says

    More fun in the Philippines.

  14. andi panditha says

    Malaysia Truly Asia

  15. cro4591 says

    Where these videos were taken?
    Why didn't you caption these with the locations?

  16. cro4591 says

    ugh…the 'music'. Sounds like it was made by a computer's attempt at elevator muzak.

  17. papadimz says

    INDONESIA!!! 🙂

  18. Matt McField says

    en de blaarmeersen natuurlijk

  19. AAA_UUU_LLL says

    INDONESIA!!! 🙂

  20. Heide Yilmaz says

    wonderful soll der mensch nicht zerstören ♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Video 4HD says

    whats the place called on second 30 and where ist it? it looks stunning. never seen something like that before :0

  22. glennaldosf says

    Gotta get to Galapagos mate 😉

  23. Nicholas Stael von Holstein says

    Wow va vackert! Tack för dyken och fisk resan!

  24. Ace Cierra says

    Hey people…ever heard the name 'Megalodon'?

  25. Xiaojing Wang says

    Yes, I recognise it is Raja Ampat (Indonesia) probably till 1:20 and then Sipadan (Malaysia)! 

  26. Madamnesia says


  27. Alex Momo says

    Fabuleux !!!

  28. slim44MEDIA says

    any ideas where 2:50 is?

  29. Yeremia Adi Susilo says


  30. Volker Bassen says

    To Annel'en Smedstad.. Regarding your comment "nothing good about a video where someone stabs a whale shark" Don't you realize that we were tagging the whale shark with a satellite transmitter?! This is because of migration research, we wouldn't hurt or "stab" a whale shark just like that (obviously!!) Ignorance at it's best..

  31. Bonk! Atomic Punch says

    It's always been a childhood dream of mine to swim with a whale, thanks for the video!

  32. Annelén Smedstad says

    Nothing good about a video where someone stabs a whaleshark!

  33. GILI IDC says

    Love the video. Show’s how great the biodiversity can be. I think there was even close up shot of a sailfish in there. Thanks, a very enjoyable watch.

  34. Mathew Teasdale says

    animal diversity overload! great video

  35. todayNoSchool says

    auf Belobungen werden geantwortet aber auf fragen, wie dieses Lied heißt gibt es leider keine antwort….

  36. pad says

    Merci für den Clip.DVD wird bestellt 😉
    Januar LiveAboard RajaAmpat, man wie ich mich freue…und nach diesen Bildern umso mehr…

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