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Scuba Diving had always been on my wishlist. So on my first trip to Goa, I decided to take risk and jump inside the pristine green waters of the sea even though I am a non-swimmer!
The diving was done in Bat island, in Arabian sea which took a 45 minutes boat ride from Panjim, which included some dolphin spotting on the way!

I came out of the dive alive and here to share you all my experience through this video! 😊


  1. Sherry Singh says

    Lol india pisses in those waters

  2. Creator says

    My Goa trip was awesome last week. If you are also planning then read here

  3. Kajal Jadhav says


  4. Rajeshwar Srivastava says

    Andaman water is much more clean than goa

  5. So cool! Such a cool experience…did you enjoy it?
    I recently posted a video of the Philippines if you want to check it out too 🙂

  6. Pranita Kulkarni says

    I also want to be a scuba diver

  7. saktiprasad swain says

    One thing plz reply who shoot ur videos.Is there from their team who take shots or u need to carry go pro …Plz

  8. Manoj Dhende says

    what is the cost

  9. Manoj Dhende says

    so nice

  10. Beena Yadav says

    Visit Goa and enjoy scuba diving rides excellent place

  11. how much cost for Scuba diving in GOA in INR ? give me your reference ?

  12. Subrat Sahu says

    What all you find inside water except fish?is it clear water ?and is there any training or on spot they allowed you to dive?

  13. Anonymous says

    how much did it cost?

  14. Anonymous says


  15. Umesh Kumar says

    How much time u stayed in water?

  16. Minimalist gal says

    How do you stay so fit? Please reply?

  17. Sandy kaur says

    We enjoyed our time very much! Dive guides are very well educated and skilled, equipment is the newest but every size was available multiple times. The prices are very competitive and the location is stellar. In a nutshell, highly recommended! thank u sea water sports.

  18. sri tota says

    How much coast for this ride

  19. Nilabh Goyal says

    Is learn swimming is necessary for scuba diving or not.. Plz rply??

  20. Vitomir Maricic says

    under surface stuff are welcome. Cool.


    Great one Subi

  22. Fehlins Ozturk says


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