Burnie Vlog: Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef | Rooster Teeth

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Ellie flips the script on Burnie and gets him out of his comfort zone. After Pax Australia she takes Burnie and Ashley scuba diving, staying on a liveaboard boat at the Great Barrier Reef. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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MUSIC: Go To Sleep, Bustra – Everything’s Different (Monstercat Release), Da Tooby – Knockout 2, Liquid Lounge, Anders Morlin – Money Job, Pacific Palisades, Matt Cherne – Close.

About Burnie Vlog:
To celebrate the “Year of the Rooster,” Burnie decided to make a weekly vlog to show the inner workings of Rooster Teeth and experiences from his life as CCO! Travel with Burnie as he represents the company all over the world, catches up with old friends, and goes behind the scenes in all things Rooster Teeth.

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  1. Luke Glover says

    This is amazing. It was also funny when Burnie touched the shell and pulled back. That being said, you can tell the reef is dying. 🙁

  2. Crippled Gamer says

    Man, that coral reef was so sad looking. Lacking colour and what not. 🙁

  3. Texas Graves says

    I think I saw Burnie at a grocery store. I went to Cairns for a holiday in November and I saw someone just like him… coincidence? I think not!

  4. TFA Daryl says

    Wait, how longs burnie been banging his assistant? I thought he was engaged?

  5. Wolfstar says

    Loving the Sly Cooper background music, lol.

  6. sleepybadtzmaru says

    Ellie is such a badass and gorgeous!

  7. Jacob Zumo says

    Omg. I’ve done this exact liveaboard in cairns.

  8. Will Herondale says

    I'm so, so happy about what Burnie said about sharks… they aren't something to fear, respect definitely, but also empathise and appreciate. People's attitudes towards these beautiful creatures needs to change for the threats facing them to be taken seriously, and in some way Burnie Burns just helped further that goal

  9. Will Herondale says

    It kills me how bleached and dead that first second of reef is… they're so impresed with it and it's not even a healthy reef

  10. TM Delacrush says

    Simple; leave the bodyguardee to fend for himself and you go and survive

  11. Ace Wolf456 says

    In case of zombies, go to Australia. Everything wants to kill you, and it wants to kill the zombies too. If all else fails on land, get on a boat.

  12. Ace Wolf456 says

    3:23 I swear, on mobile, in the reflection of Bernie’s glasses Ellie looks topless. I know she isn’t, well I don’t think she is, but it’s how it looks.

  13. Fastest Gun NJ says

    The music in these is always so great.

  14. Imperial Waltz says

    Burnie looks like my dad. He really is the Internet's Dad

  15. BinaryHelix says

    As some others have mentioned, bear in mind that literally everything looks like this underwater without artificial light. After you're more than a few feet down everything turns blue-ish. If you were to break out a light, you'd see much more color. The reason underwater photography looks like it does is because the photographers have large lights they take down with them to show the true colors of creatures down there. While yes, the Great Barrier Reef does have a bleaching problem, to assume that the whole thing is bleached is a misnomer.

  16. sojokuyo says

    you should really put links in the description to all the music in the vlogs just saying

  17. Euan Hammond says

    Ellie's "i"s have turned American.

  18. Bobbydog66 says

    Ok, I've never scuba dived before, how exactly did burnie clear his mask in skill 3. Did he simply blow with his nose and unseal the mask a tiny to get the water out? Or was the blowing pressure enough to get it out? I'm totally unfamiliar with this.
    16:09 Also was there one for the lion fish? Cause that scared me when he showed up!

  19. Bronson A says

    Wait, did Ashley get to go for the final dive in the end?

  20. Onlineplayer joseph says

    8:10 quick ellie use razor leaf and rekt him

  21. Tre da 5'9 says

    The music in your vlogs is the best, who makes these selections?

  22. Jason Trahan says

    God I miss scuba diving. Belize was fantastic!

  23. James Carthew says

    I happened to be on the Kangaroo Explorer at the same time as the Rooster Teeth guys. They were really friendly, great people. I'm glad they enjoyed their trip to our country, everyone should try to see the reef at least once in their life. It's an amazing experience.

  24. Loonykilla10 says

    Really impressive to see the variety of fish, kinda sucks a lot of the SPS corals are bleached. The tomato clowns in the anemone were my fave. Having a saltwater fish tank has helped me be an advocate for keeping our reefs safe.

  25. WhiteXian XIII says

    IGN 2/10 Corals. Too much water.

  26. Melodee Sea says

    The coral bleaching is so scary and incredibly devistating

  27. Camp53 says


  28. Original Goose1 says

    It must be nice being rich

  29. Greg T says

    I bet the threesome was wild.

  30. Prestd says

    This is literally a series for those of us with less money to live vicariously, love it

  31. William Malave says

    Does anyone have Burnie's music playlist? I'm enjoying the music for the vlogs.

  32. TheBull169 says

    I've been there to that exact place

  33. faceless58 says

    Giant clams are crazy that is straight out of Mario or something

  34. Sam Lee says

    So where’s the 3-some footage at?

  35. Jerome Nopal says

    10:57. We found Nemo. No Dory tho.

  36. Post Dylone says

    Reef sharks aren’t scary

  37. Average youtuber #13 says

    YOOOO, welcome to my country mate

  38. Gamer Sollace says

    What's the max depth you guys did? I'm curious, never dove(?) dived? at the Great Barrier Reef before.

  39. shadowragna743 says

    My favorite vlogs are when burnie goes around the offices talking to everyone. Mostly gavin, Barbara and the original rvb team

  40. DDnufcGamer says

    It's funny how quick Burnie went from trying to cause Ellie as much annoyance as possbile, to just giving her the best job in the world.

  41. Cody Beaton says

    On today's episode of 'Rich Person Does Rich People Things'

  42. Zach Bohn says


  43. Merrick Williams says

    Shame they didn't have a red filter to color correct the underwater footage. Would've looked a bit nicer.

  44. james malone says

    Was the coral bleaching while they did this it is usually more colourful. Yay for global warming

  45. Nicholas Bryant says

    Yoooo, whoever chooses the music is awesome. Love these low-fi beats!

  46. EvitalovesThings says

    It would be cool for deaf people to go down there because they can just talk in sign language 😀

  47. EvitalovesThings says

    So are Burnie and Ellie a thing now?

  48. Wandersoul 8 says

    Hopefully they don't build the Adani mine which really will kill the reef of 🙁

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