1. 전성시대영자의 says

    Thank you for your kind exposition!

  2. Netzahualcoyotl Gallaga says

    Thnks, today I learned something new 😉

  3. Braxton Scherz says

    Thanks! all clear now. Very informative, and I appreciate the time you took to post.

  4. Jake Stein says

    If I buy a DIN regulator, can I use it with both a 232 BAR cylinder and a 300 BAR cylinder? Or are only some DIN regulators compatible with a 300 BAR cylinder?

  5. SeikiBrian says

    For any who don't know, an "A-Clamp" is also called a "yoke" in some areas.

  6. cjl1 says

    Very helpful – this was exactly the explanation I was looking for as I was confused about what I was looking at in the online shops!

  7. TwelveSticks says

    Thanks! Saved me some worries when my new cylinder arrived and was clearly an A-Clamp type and I have a DIN regulator!

  8. Chris Huff says

    Thanks! This was a huge help to me when trying to find the right fill station for my HPA bottle for Airsoft 🙂

  9. vijay kumar says

    can a gauge can be attached to the din valve on the tank so that I can see how much air is in the cylinder 

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