Mares Fusion 52X Regulator –

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The Mares Fusion 52X Regulator is a lightweight balanced diaphragm regulator that combines features from all Mares regulators into one that is designed for customisable breathing and longterm use.

Rating: 4.74

  1. MrDuvies says

    Diving with this bad boy for the past year, I have found it a little bit heavy holding it in the mouth, other than that I love it to bits!

  2. Ja Nuchjarin says

    What about Legend LX and fusion52x in your opinion?
    Thank you in advanced for your comments 🙂

  3. Nick Fizri says

    this one or mk25/600?which one's better in terms of quality and performance?lets put aside the price.

  4. Patrick De Graaf says

    Well that a real compact way to descripe a verry complex set

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