LGS Weight System

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The Lifeguard Systems PSD Weight Harness System is easily secured to the LGS Diver harness with 4 attachment points.

The attachment points include Fastex buckles that allow divers to walk around with the harness on, and then quickly don the weight system just prior to diving. Two rapid quick-release front pockets carry up to 15 lbs each. Two rear trim pockets can hold an additional 15 lbs.

Block or soft weight capable. When weights are released, they remain in their pockets, allowing divers to easily ditch their weights every time prior to exiting the water. Large weight release T-bar tabs for thick-gloved hands, and no snag hazards.

The LGS diver harness has been proven in fast water for over 30 years and is used by the USCG, Canadian Navy, and thousands of PSD divers.

Rating: 5.00

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