Oceanic Data Mask

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The Oceanic Data Mask incorporates a fully featured full decompression dive computer. All the dive information is displayed on a small LCD display fitted into the right hand side of the mask.

The computer includes air, nitrox and free diving modes, wireless air integration which calculates remaining air time as well as remaining decompression time.

User changeable batteries provides easy maintenance and pc interface allows divers to transfer their dive profile information.

Rating: 4.08

  1. rocker nokia 8 says

    redundant equipment, excellente !!!

  2. Viktor Jarinov says

    What language is that?

  3. Michael Cassidy says

    Would have been nice to switch it on and do a live demo….

  4. Keith James Lapere says

    aah! the evolution of electronic technology. Not for me rather stick to the old mechanical been around for decades and has never failed me.

  5. Diver Dan says

    Lovely idea I just wish others had done it too so it would be more competitively priced.
    It doesn't really cost so much to make this.
    I tried one after my atomic aquatics frameless mask & it was really like looking through a tube.
    I'd still like to have one but I'm not paying that much.
    The price stopped it selling big & I guess other companies knew not to follow a small specialist market.
    I'd be buggered if it got knocked off during the dive or lost on the boat as I'd also have lost my gauges.

  6. Loke Man says

    I've had one for almost 5 years and love it. I got mine to get rid of extra hoses to tangle up in y lines while I spearfish. It leaked once and had to be sent in for repairs. Other than that, love it. I wish they would make modernized version so I can buy it.

  7. Joshua Galati says


  8. Peter Sims says

    Having just purchased one I and having completed 3 dives (including a deep) I am satisfied. (I use a second console comp to avoid 1 con)

    *Easier on deep/night dives
    *Great alarms
    *Not heavy at all,easy to clear
    *Frees up my arms for torch/camera
    *Int air
    *You loose some vis in the bottom right
    *Reviewing dives is a bit of a pain as you have to put mask to face
    *Your overly cautious when it comes to transporting,I hold on to it in the hard cover when on boats with little storage space.

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